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Mishka said:

Is It Beer Time Yet?

(Note: login did not working)

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

DUmmie FUnnies

Okay, I've been sitting at this keyboard since last December with only ONE incredibly OBSESSIVE thought in mind---ensure that the DUmmie FUnnies blog is a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards for Funniest Blog. Yes, yes this is my third try for that goal but, as they say, third time is the charm. If the DUmmie FUnnies becomes a 2007 finalist our sacred mascot, Li'l Beaver, has declared that he will show his appreciation by declaring Slovenia to be a free and independent nation. And now our Blessed Leader, Li'l Beaver will entertain you with a medly of jokes that he will soon be performing at the Laugh Factory:

I'm not exactly accusing Mike Gravel of being weird but do you really want to support a presidential campaign whose platform is "Klaatu barada nikto?"


It wasn't so much that Republicans minded being questioned on the CNN/YouTube debate by a Snowman. What they really object to was the planned post-debate analysis by the Seed of Chucky.


John Edwards went out on a big poverty tour but the only homeless person who would talk to him was Mike Gravel.


Mike Gravel's new campaign video showing water evaporating is really a metaphor about paint drying.


John Edwards is hotly denying allegations that he is a phony. You can read his official denial of phoniness on his official website. While you're there you can also listen to his campaign theme song: "A Cubic Zirconia Is a Girl's Best Friend."


Responding to charges that their movie full of "right-wing" proganda, the producers of "300," in the DVD release, have edited it down to just 299.99.


Not long ago, in China, about 2 billion rats swam ashore from an island because the lake flooded. One of the people tossing rats into bags is suing because he later found a piece of fried chicken in there.


Chris Matthews has promised not to ask his female guests to lean into the camera anymore so he can leer at them. Instead he is requesting that they remain just where they are and flash him.


Hugo Chavez is changing the official name of Venezuela to Republica de Meeeeee!


North Korea's Kim Jong-il has been very ill lately. His poor health has caused him to lose so much body mass that he had to supersize his elevator shoes.


Mike Gravel has a very limited campaign budget which is why his staff is quite small. In fact when Gravel has a staff meeting it consists of only him mind melding with Mr. Spock.


Bill Richardson countered John Edwards' suggestion for a New Orleans czar with his own proposal for a Las Vegas czar. Richardson isn't really that interested in the welfare of Las Vegas. He just wants to get comped for all those buffets and he figures whatever weight he gains in Vegas will stay in Vegas.


The Presidential Debates are going to be released in a boxed DVD set under the title of "The Bored Infinitum."


John Edwards received a cucumber cream facial treatment at the Pink Sapphire Salon. However even Edwards has his limits since he turned down their offer of a banana yogurt enema.


Michael Vick in addition to raising fighting dogs also did some breeding. He crossed an Alaskan Husky with a French Poodle. I don't what the resulting breed was but he named the dog, "Fifi of the North."


Ethanol is the price we pay for making corn producing Iowa the first presidential caucus state in the nation. If Vermont ever ends up with the first primary, you can expect to soon see people pouring distilled maple syrup into their car gas tanks.


Mika Brzezinski of the MSNBC Morning Joe show won a regional spelling bee when she was in grade school. Her winning word was "Brzezinski."


Well, that's all for now from Li'l Beaver. Please consider voting for the DUmmie FUnnies blog as a finalist for Funniest Blog so that the whole world can learn to worship Li'l Beaver. Oh, and the entire nation of Slovenia is counting on the DUmmie Funnies making it into the finals so they can finally become a free and independent country after centuries of oppression by the evil Ruthenians.

DUmmie FUnnies

E said:

Guanabee - Spicy Coverage For The Latino In You

meandog said:

PJ commix is has my vote!

Felicia said:

I would like to nominate the Craigslist Curmudgeon for the funniest blog.

anonymous said:

The Leaky Brain will change your life forever. Probably not for the better, but change is change people. Let's not nitpick here.

Chance Luckman said:

This blog makes me bust a gut. The humor is powerfully subtle, not obvious -- but that's what makes it great.

beckysueb53 said:

The DUmmieFUnnies are hilarious!

kevinfromchatham13 Author Profile Page said:
Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

NJ Voices: Joel Schwartzberg



Funny musings about Garden State life and culture from an award-winning essayist and Dad. The most entertaining blog ever from New Jersey from a guy with a twelve-letter last name, but hey, that's just me.

Boo said:

List of The Day makes me laugh

nehring1 Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate The Nose On Your Face:

Ang Bagiotas said:

Bazz is a horse and his wry Aussie humour, is laced with some UK influence thanks to his 'interpreter' being a Pom. Check him out even if you aren't horsey you will love the antics of this very cheeky steeed.

aDM said:
Marita said:

Sadly, No! Hooray!

Lindy UK said:

The funniest blog imo is Elmer Q Gooseburger ...

mrnobody said:

Uh -- is this where you nominate a funny blog? If so, I want to nominate "Sadly, No!"

Thenk yew.

alinush said:

Funnymos - funny news and pictures

David Duff said:

I don't much agree with this guy's sentiments, but he sure does put his point across in a genuinely funny way!

AWTM Author Profile Page said:

There are soo many,

Jon Swift

Jon Swift and his commenters tell you all you need to know about U.S. politics, which is either the funniest thing you've ever read, or the saddest.

LauraB said:

Easily the funniest woman alive:

Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper

dsadevil Author Profile Page said:

Comics Curmudgeon

Flip Pidot said:

This guy nominates The Nose On Your Face, the humor value of which is as plain as... the back of my head.

Potfry said:

Funniest woman I know, Laurie Kendrick.

Blackfive Author Profile Page said:

IMAO - Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated

clairec23 said:

This is easily the funniest blog I've ever read.

tiger said:
Poser said:

Dummie Funnies is a scream.

PJ really knows how to skewer the political extremists with their own posts.

Ron Cantrell said:
ac1 Author Profile Page said:

No doubt, it's The People's Cube.

yojoe said:

Matters of Little Consequence


yojoe said:

The Leaky Brain is very funny.

sarah said:! i love it!

two bits said:

One of my favorites is:

It's written by a one woman comedy machine! She's a very, very smart woman from Texas who's extremely funny. She's an excellent writer, too! Her style is wonderful and literally, all over the place. You go to her blog and you never know what you'll get--OTHER than the fact that whatever it is, it'll always be good.

Write On Jones said:

I'd like to nominate this Texas woman for a funniest weblog award

Why? Because it is!

CandyBarr Author Profile Page said:

I want to nominate Laurie Kendrick for the funnest website award. She's smart and hilarious.

KKY said:

I, too, would like to nominate LAURIE KENDRICK for the funniest website award. You bloggers out there should read her stories. She will keep you in stitches!

DC Cab Rider Author Profile Page said:
Lesley said:

I nominate

Brilliant, witty, and funny and a much needed public service for those of us who detest the Bush administration and its fanboys.

Lisa said:

Larry Appleton said:

I just got to nominate 360 Movies You Won't See Before You Die:

To quote:

"Are you tired of reading that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever and that Plan 9 From Outer Space is the worst? If you see another film magazine with Star Wars on the cover will you break down and cry? Maybe the answer is “no”, but bear with us anyway.

360 Movies You Won’t See Before You Die is a comprehensive ratings guide to an alternate, non-existent film world. Why just reimagine single films at a time? We’ve decided to reimagine the whole shebang."

dave k said:

Big Dave Author Profile Page said:

A Drunks Life at Sussex Uni in Brighton, England

tnmommy2006 said:

I'd like to nominate
The Lawson's do Dallas

actor212 Author Profile Page said:

MissCellania, the funniest chronicler of normal human beings on the planet: Author Profile Page said:

I like


Check out the Nude Fat Man Easting Cookie Dough!

Carly said:

Yes! Craigslist Curmudgeon! It's like "Vote for the Worst," only you can enjoy it even when American Idol isn't on TV.

Vicki said:
Lost princess said:
Funnybunny said: - captions - funny dude

Brad K. Author Profile Page said:

+ Crystal McKnob
Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper

Rachel C said:

Absolutely the funniest woman ever:

Boobs, Injuries, and Dr Pepper
Crystal McKnob

jamie said:

The Funniest Blogger:
Boobs, Injuries, and Dr Pepper
Crystal McKnob

jharvey Author Profile Page said:

I nominate A Socialite's Life because those sluts are funny.

Yeah, I'm voting for my own blog! Screw you, what if you don't?

Frank Dartson said:

I nominate the Kriss Akabusi Stories from the UK.

Johnny said:

I believe this is the funniest blog I have ever read:

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi.

Matty said:

Crystal is a genius! She really should write a book. All of her post make my day.

Boobs, Injuries, and Dr Pepper
Crystal McKnob

Kimmeebee Author Profile Page said:

I would like to vote Crystal McKnob as the blogger most likely to make me spit Coke all over my monitor on a daily basis:

pat79thst said:

I would like to nominate

. . .With Both Hands.

Cindy said:

Funniest blog around!!

Laurie said:

I love this blog. A Canadian gal who has the confidence to laugh not only at herself but to openly point and laugh at her children. Her blog will someday pay for the therapy ...

Katy said:

This is one great blog, new this year:

Gerald Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate one of the funniest women around...

Boston said:

Amy cracks me up!
The Lawsons Do Dallas...

Nicole said:


Ursa Mumble said:

Nope, your blogs may be funny, but this one is the funniest...

Sarah said:

Makes me constantly laugh to tears at my desk. My coworkers are concerned for my sanity. :)
Crystal is easily the funniest out there.

MadilineM said:

This would have to be the best read ever

She makes me laugh!

BOSSY Author Profile Page said:

I Am Bossy peddles wholesale giggles. Come find out why Bossy's loyal readers have coffee spray on their computer monitors.

Kris said:

She has to be the funniest mom alive. I'm totally addicted!

Crystal friggin' SLAYS me. In the archives under March '07, read about her son and the finger cots. I swear I nearly pissed myself.

Bruce (not Dickinson, Really) said:

You guys gotta check out the work of
Bruce Dickinson from
Brilliant AV work

dKaye said:

Gotta cast my vote for Crystal's

Disclaimer: reading Crystal's blog may lead to incontinence, red irritated eyes, and mild concussions resultant of laughing so damned much!

BeeTeeDee Author Profile Page said:

Is it legal to nominate a myspace blog? I'm kidding. Seriously, don't hate me for saying that. I'm just going to post a link to my website,, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with my myspace blog,

SUZY-Q said:

This bitch is funnier than hell!

Lauraine said:

So Funny!

Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper

Kris said:

I love Crystal's blog. It's hilarious and brilliant.

fingal said:

It so has to be feed://

dave roth said:

Iowahawk. funniest thing ever.

Wyvren said:

Abolutely the best blog about - and trust I have been thru a few - Crystal just makes you giggle madly (normally at work)

We all love her work!

JohnnyQ said:

It's gotta be The Dick List.

Carol H said:
By far the best site out there for a funny story! Author Profile Page said:

Either of these Joe Mathlete sites is hilarious.

Rufus said:

Is there anyway to un-nominate Sadly No? It's whiny, not funny. Maybe we should move it into a "Best Whiny Blog" category. Do I hear a second?

Hilarious parody news - focuses on the Cubs, but other stuff, too. Especially check out the "B&I Times Monitor Standard Courier" section.

Lifecruiser Author Profile Page said:

I can't help it, an oldie but goldie, just love them :-)


Emon said:

Nominate Laure Kendrick's blog as the funniest.

Norma Haacke said:

I would like to nominate Useless Advice From Useless Men as well! They are so street, I call them Curb! I don't know what that means...

Kevin said:

A nomination for Lowering the Bar, a legal-humor site that is probably funnier than you are expecting a legal-humor site to be.

Jane said:

I nominate Crummy Church Signs

Iowahawk said:

Thanks for the nomination, but I have asked Kevin to remove iowahawk from the list.

I would like to nominate
Edward Cropper

With little embarassment, I also nominate my blog: The Douchebag Report -- Empowering the fight against insanity.


First of all, you gotta love the name. Next, you gotta love the cause -- exposing liars, thieves, and media / political elites that believe in the "do as I say, not as I do" way of life.

I want to nominate :

they have the best sports news, the best insite and analysis and the best writers on the internet. THey are my competition, but I don't mind admitting when I've been bested.

Perk is a Beast - the Beastliest blog going

Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:

The Powers That Be

Great political humor!


The Roscoe Daley Report

Home of "Ask Roscoedinijad"

Army of Mom said:

Caption This is one of the funniest blogs on the Internet. It is the one site I go to numerous times each day to see the latest goofy picture selected and the captions Viking the Kitten and his readers post. Go give it a look.

Army of Mom said:

Bad News Hughes doesn't post enough for my taste. His humor is off the wall and has me laughing till I almost fall out of my chair. He is great at poking fun at himself. Definitely worth a nomination.

Bob1 said:

I nominate Sondra at Knowledge is Power:

T1 said:

Liberal Larry’s blog should be on the list.

placebo77777 Author Profile Page said:
wiserbud said:

I would nominate Sadly No!, but I think you're looking more for funny-haha, as opposed to funny-sad.

That being said, I second Nice Deb's nomination: The Hostages Author Profile Page said:

Site name: BadJocks - Where COPS meets SportsCenter

This guy's humor is always a good read. Not only do I visit his blog when I see he's written something new, I've even approached this blog writer to collaborate with some designs for my online t-shirt shop which has been a wonderful arrangement. So I'm here to support the blog of my number one supporter. Check him out!!

wiserbud said:

Media Matters. It's a laugh riot!

C. Riesenberg said:

The Rootdown

Funniest blog EVER.

Genius... and She has a book coming out!

As long as I'm at it, eh, what the hell:

Site Feed

Throwing What Pushes My Buttons into the nomination ring:

Over 40,000 page views since March...

Helen Keller friendly (in braille)...

What more could you ask for?

Throwing What Pushes My Buttons into the nomination ring:

40,000 page views since March

Helen Keller friendly (written in braille)

Won best blog of the day on April 26th!

What else could you want in a blog???

Lanny said:

Very warped humour

Ramblings of a Whiner

Sorry, I forgot to put in a link with my previous vote. Some supporter I am, lol. Allow me to rectify that and add the link now. Hopefully it works alright.

To recap, I want to vote for macgyversrollofducttape.


Polliwog said:

I would like to nominate my favorite humor blog for "Funniest Blog."

bobbarama dot com

Maria said:

My vote is for Crystal McKnob in: Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper

Roger said:

I'd like to vote for for funniest blog.

Consistently funny. Great user dialog between himself and his audience.

I'd also like to second the vote for Laurie Kendrick! She's awesome!


A WPMB fanatic.

I say give it up for funny man CJ at

I also like
And the irrepressible

and of course, I adore the comedic brilliance of

You can vote for me to if ya wanna!!

Gracias a lot!!

Crystal said:

I cannot believe Danny Evans isn't in here. Well, he is now.

I would have his love children were he not already married.

Oh, and if I weren't married.



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