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Blog Around the Clock

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge

Evolution-Greg Laden


Mike the Mad Biologist

GreenmanTim said:

Science Musings - Chet Raymo's Blog

kincuri said:

Bored of Science

Many Thanks!

Adrian Author Profile Page said:


This blog shows my fight against two different types of leukaemia - thought not to have been seen before.

It also explains the science behind the disease, treatment and includes video footage of my bone marrow transplant.

Best wishes,


Albert Einstein returns to life (as Albert 2.0) to save the world from scientific ignorance, explaining everything from relativity, quantum mechanics to the origins of life.

Derrick Berg said:

"It's a Big Little World"

The life and times of a typical microbiology student.

westius Author Profile Page said:

The Mr Science Show - A refreshing look at the science around us

westius Author Profile Page said:

Plus... more news from the world of maths

Stoutcat said:

The eBirdseed blog:

hthth said:


A fresh supply of thoughts about sciences of the artificial
and artificial things that think.

JAC said:
mimritty Author Profile Page said:

Climate Audit by Steve McIntyre

greig said:
All the junk that's fit to debunk
by Steven Milloy

Kate said:

The anti-Gore, hockey stick debunker, Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit

And don't forget Watt's Surface Stations blog - documenting weather data collection stations across the US - Barbeques, air conditioners, and burning barrels included!

Sciencebase Science Blog - Irreverent and irrelevant, but intelligent -


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