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Nominate your choice for Best Religious Blog. This is a return for a category that was dropped last year. Our objection was that most of the nominated bloggers were not primarily religious bloggers, but were usually mostly news and politics bloggers. We'll be watching the nomination pool this year to see if the religious blogger community is larger than it was two years ago.

Update (Oct. 17): Over the next 24 hours we will be closing nominations for most categories. This is a manual process so it takes a while to complete. As long as a category allows you to enter a comment (which is how you submit a nomination) nominations for that category are still open. When the option to leave a comment is not available you'll know nominations for that category are closed. The "+" rating of nominees will remain open throughout the awards.

To nominate a blog you need to leave a comment on this entry. Your comment should contain the name of the blog, the main URL for the blog, and (if possible) the URL for a RSS/Atom feed. For example:


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Please consider my blog for this category:
Thoughts of a Regular Guy


- Paul

Kevin P Author Profile Page said:

Name of site: Starting life as a Christian

DocBear said:

I would like to nominate Little Nuances

The URL to use when nominating Little Nuances is:

The RSS feed is:

nehring1 Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate Evangelical Outpost

I would also include Happy Catholic:


The Great Separation:

GreenmanTim said:

A Payne Hollow Visit

G. F. McDowell said:
bigdadgib Author Profile Page said:

My submit for Best Religious Blog

Pastor Jon's Blog

Tarakananda Author Profile Page said:
Diecast Dude Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Goldfish And Clowns, a site that believes the obligation to follow Christ doesn't end where your job or political affiliation begin:



Dos K said:

Evangelical Outpost

Sarah said:

Here's another....

HOLY† SCHMIDT: My Guide to the Galaxy & all Things Cosmic, Kismet & Inane.

Ann'Re Author Profile Page said:
Ann'Re Author Profile Page said:

My second nomination is Christian singer Steve Camp's blog...


Vicki said:

I nominate The Lobster Pot

47cnhxw1n8 said:

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47cnhxw1n8 said:

1h3nn7c5er1mf [URL=] njn4gk0wg1 [/URL] oyudizziw

47cnhxw1n8 said:

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ilona Author Profile Page said:

I also nominate Rusty Lopez
New Covenant

Eric Novak said:

I nominate The Voice of Experience - wisdom from the best book around.

Cara Schulz said:

I would like to nominate
"The Wild Hunt - A Modern Pagan Perspective" written by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Site URL

What is "The Wild Hunt"?

In simple terms, this is a daily updated blog that concerns itself with news, opinions, and events dealing with (or of interest to) the modern Pagan and Heathen communities.

The ultimate goal, ideally, is to raise the standards of journalistic discourse regarding our faiths from within and without. Consider it an exercise in advocacy journalism, where a decidedly "pro-Paganism" view is exercised.

Alexis said:

The Big Daddy Weave

BDW discusses Baptist politics from a progressive perspective

Jamie said:
justamom said:

I would like to nominate:

Glory to God for All Things

Well, I nominate it because -- I think that severing passion, aggression, and ignorance at their root by wielding the sharp sword of discriminating-awareness-wisdom is a really good thing. but then -- I'm Buddhist.

Lor Author Profile Page said:

I nominate

The blog is religous and educational, a blog of the Holocaust/Shoah, Genocide, and anything related to the Jewish religion and people, Jewish history and anti-semitism.

I nominate Wind Scraps. Shannon is a publishes author who writes inspiring, faith-filled stories that warm the heart and touch the mind.

Religious Reader said:
The Anchoress said:

The Happy Catholic

The Anchoress said:
I love religious blogs said:

Tom said:

I'd like to nominate Pauls Site:

He has some great information about the faith and reflections on this site.

Doug Payton said:

I nominate "Stones Cry Out".

The blog has changed software recently, so most of the 2007 posts can be found by clicking on the "Previous SCO Archives" link (top of left column, in the "About" box).

Jack said:

I nominate Fr. Z's blog WDTPRS!
Best religious blog out there!

What Does The Prayer Really say?

Bob said:

What does the Prayer Really Say?

Palamas Author Profile Page said:
Didymus said:

I nominate Jimmy Akin's blog:

Locust Eater said:

I hereby nominate my blog for consideration:
Signs, Dreams and Visions



Jon Hurley said:

I came across this blog the other day, which struck me as very different from your average religious blog. I'm not sure if it's the best blog, but it deserves to be better known.

Jon Hurley said:

I nominate

(I tried to nominate this a few minutes ago but I think I put the information about it in the wrong box!)

I nominate Father John Tiberius Zuhlsdorf's What Does The Prayer Really Say? (WDTPRS)

Conor said:

I am honoured to nominate

Whispers in the Loggia

Top class, non-ideological, ecumenico-spiritual writing.


brian murphy said:

I nominate Fr. Zuhlsdor's "What Does the Prayer Really Say?"

and The New Liturgical Movement

+Veritas+ said:

I nominate

"American Papist"

and Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex

al said:
Roger said:

I nominate Rorate-Caeli...

Mac McLernon said:

I would like to nominate The Hermeneutic of Continuity (, What does the Prayer Really Say? (, the Curt Jester (, the Lair of the Catholic Cavemen ( and St. Mary Magdalen (

anonymous in Michigan said:

I also nominate Fr. Zuhlsdor's "What Does the Prayer Really Say?"

and The New Liturgical Movement


Rorate Caeli

Zach said:
Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:

Talk Wisdom

This blog is dedicated to defending the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith. We need Christian Culture Warriors who are willing to share our worldview and stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world - now.

Ad Orientem said:

I respectfully nominate the blog "Glory to God for All Things." This is a very serious and often deeply spiritual religious blog by Fr. Stephan Freeman of the Orthodox Church.

Petey said:

One Cosmos is by far the best religious blog. Where else can you Circumnavelgaze the Whole Existentialada of Lumin Development with a Seer's Prattleogue of Joycey Jimgnostics, Verticalesthetics, Dilettantric Yoga, Laughty Revelations, Wide Angle Pneumography, Freevangelical Pundamentalism, Darwhiggian Evolution, Supernatural Election, and Buddhaflaw Correcting, all in a Reluxing Atmasphere of Omade Jehovial Witticisms?

I nominate WhoreChurch because he is a moderate's moderate and his view of faith is fair and in my eyes, the *real* truth.

He has 20/20 wisdom.

Susan Lee said:

My first daily stop on the web both at work and at home;

Juliec said:

I would like to nominate One Cosmos.

LoneStarPLU Author Profile Page said:

I nominate "What Does the Prayer Really Say"

Fr Z always has useful information and intelligent commentary.

Anthony said:

I nominate Father Z's blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say".


mizze said:

Presenting for consideration The Best Religious Blog ever:



PSGInfinity said:

...And where is the Anchoress?!

PSGInfinity said:

Don't let Bob's puns, Petey's crypticisms, and Cousin Dupree's PhiSlammaJams throw you. One Cosmos is the real deal, one of the deepest wells of humor, wit, and wisdom on the Web.

Ashter said:

This is the best international faith site.

GameWays Author Profile Page said:

Helps defend the free-world against defamation from Islamist imperialists. Please endorse the Judeo-Christian

The free world will be in your gratitude.

terrence said:

It has to be the amazing

Ryan said:

One of the most comprehensive and well maintained Traditional Catholic Blogs:

Athanasius Contra Mundum

Van said:

Only Gagdad could lead an Objectivist into believing he was missing something big... gotta be One Cosmos.

Jeffry Moore said:

I nominate Fr. Z!
What Does The Prayer Really say?

Webutante Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate two blogs for best religious blogs this year:

First, One Year Bible blog,

And second, Tim Challies blog

Both of these men blog about a true relationship with Christ using the Bible as their chief resource. Hard to beat, in my opinion.

RiverC said:

Definitely got to be One Cosmos.

Susan Smith Author Profile Page said:

Religion is man trying to reach God. Christianity is God reaching man. This blog is not "religious." However, it shows true LIFE in Jesus the Messiah. When we accept the way and understand the truth, then we have the LIFE.

Sallie said:

My blog is not solely religious but I have many elements of sharing my faith, to include a Thursday meme called Train Up A Child Thursday.

Please consider me for the nominations --

James said:
Jim Author Profile Page said:

The commentaries come directly from the prayer room. The goal is to encourage. To spread the Word. Recognizing His Word, the Bible, as the final authority.

Jim Author Profile Page said:

That was !

Kristine said:

Please consider my blog.

Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:
Christinewjc Author Profile Page said: Neiswonger

Denis said:
Denis said:

Pulpit Magazine

Mark said:

I would like to nominate Fr. Z's Blog:

What does the Prayer Really Say?

Fr. Zuhlsdorf's Blog is a must read!

Erudite, Charitable, Faithful - great Catholic perspective not found anywhere else. His readership, many of whom comment on this blog, further augment interesting points of view extending the topic at hand, providing much insight and illumination - simply a cornucopia of catechesis!

Ex animo,


Carol Author Profile Page said:

The Bible Thumper's Soapbox. A conservative Christian blog - no fillers. Good, meaty topics.

Carol Author Profile Page said:

Oops, forgot to put up url.

Miss Lilly said:

If you are looking for THE Place that weaves it all together -
The Whole Existentialada - then get thyself to the
Best Religious Blog: ONE COSMOS.

Carol said:


an 84-year old retired minister - a woman. Her blog deals with religious issues, along with remembrances from her childhood.


I would like to nominate, for your consideration The Spirit's Sword at:
I hope I made it in time. I heard about it just today.

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

The Questing Parson

The Parson writes intriguing, heartfelt, moving tales of his experiences as a quirky, smart, sometimes smartalecky, elder Methodist pastor in Metro Atlanta. If you pass up checking out the parson you will have missed something worthwhile and entertaining.

And you youngsters out there may want to try my friend Rev. Frank at Irenic Thoughts.

Frank is a young Episcopal Priest who is doing good things, including actually thinking, way down on the Georgia coast. He also happens to be one of the finest photographers around.

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

Well, I did a search for Ruthlace and thought it had been nominated already, but I can't find it so:

Check out the wonderful posts at my mother's blog, Ruthlace.

Ruth is a retired Methodist pastor, a pastor's wife of 45 years, a mother (of seven including me!), a grandmother, a great-grandmother, the widow of a WWII era marine, who writes with insight and humor of her eight decades of life and her abiding faith. Read several posts, you'll be glad you did.

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

Whoops. Let's see if this works better

I would like to nominate the blog of the Jewish Funds for Justice,
Feed: is the online hub for netroots action and Jewish perspectives on contemporary issues of social and economic justice. Over a dozen contributors offer new ideas, provocative analysis and commentary on the challenges faced by today’s underdogs. Equal parts insight, outrage and humor, covers politics and policy, midrash and mishegas. is a project of the Jewish Funds for Justice, a public foundation committed to creating a just, fair, and compassionate America.

Christus Vincit - the BLOG!

Liturgy, Music, and FUN! Yeah, we do a bit of all three, all in good Catholic context.

Brian Michael Page
Nick Basehore
Jason Pennington
Your three snarky madman music ministers!

I also nominate:
We Belong to the Lord
The Cafeteria Is Closed
The Curt Jester
The Crescat
The New Liturgical Movement
What Does the Prayer REALLY Say?

My own blog (see previous comment) has a lengthy blogroll on its sidebar, but these are the ones I frequent most. I feel these blogs are well-deserving of a nomination.

phatcatholic said:

I'm not sure if it's too late or not, but here is my nomination:

phatcatholic apologetics

Good luck everyone!


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