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Larisa Alexandrovna


At-Largely feed

Enrico said:

Winter Patriot

Winter Patriot
Frozen Feed

Big Dan said:
Bubblehead Author Profile Page said:

The MountainGoat Report

Best political coverage of a single region I've seen yet.

John said: Author Profile Page said:

Jon Swift

Jon Swift and his commenters give you all you need to know about U.S. politics today.

Fred's Friend said:
Fred's Friend said:
drumblebum said:

Going into his 14th year, Mike Rivero is still telling like it is. Lucid and informative news and commentary from one of the brightest minds on the web...

bigdadgib Author Profile Page said:

My submit for Best Political Coverage


Truth Seeker said:

I nominate THE BEST political blog, Mike Rivero's What Really Happened.

reader said:

Empire Burlesque

Power of Narrative

Winter Patriot

people said:

Best site for current affairs!

Mike Rivero's is the most up to the minute political coverage in the USA with all of the ramifications. My nomination for the very best in Political Coverage.

Marsha said:

I've been following Mike Rivero for years and rely on him to point to articles that help make sense of the new Orwellian reality that defines the USA in the early twenty-first century.

I've been reading Whar t Really Happened for years. Mike Rivero does a superb job keeping us informed of what is really happening in the world.

Ksb said:

Mark Levin Fan

Mensch71 said:


DC Cab Rider Author Profile Page said:
Libba said:
citizen said:
Citizen journalims in Greece

Tom said:

The Van Der Galien Gazette

Stuart Chase said:
J.B. Author Profile Page said:
wally said:

Arthur Silber's "Once Upon A Time"

Deborah Author Profile Page said:

Political Grind Network

William said:

Conservative Blogger

Diane said:

The Raw Story

carol said:
wally said:

Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque

D.J. said:

The Campaign Spot (originally The Kerry Spot back in '04)

Jollyjew said:

Little Green Footballs

Roth said: is THE blog

The owner, Charles, and the LGF lizards community as a whole deserve to win this award hands down !

Lee P. said:

I nominate

Michelle digs down to the bottom of every "hot" item heard on the MSM. She uncovers facts not reported, extreme errors, and outright untruth on matters critical (or should be!) to every voter!

Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:
john bassett said: Author Profile Page said:
Brian Heck said:

Powerline -
Michelle Malkin -
Kate McMillan -
Jim Miller -

richfisher said:

Nominate or second

The one and only political voice in Canada used to be brainwashed anti-American, socialist, PC dogma, dressed up in a liberal flasher raincoat, with taped on pantlegs.

Than smalldeadanimals came along...

Kate is only about 1/3 of the way through, saving Canada; is there an online award for that?

dennis said:

Caledonia Wake Up Call

Better and more detailed coverage of occupation and multi-tiered justice and law enforcement in Ontario, than all Canadain media and on-line blogs combined. The detail, facts, and massive amount of information and work speaks for itself.
Nothing more relevant and timely. Nothing compares to this site.

Even Small Dead Animals web site & weblog no longer "links" to the facts and truth of what is happening in Ontario. :-(

Jim in Calgary said:

Small Dead Animals

Peterborough Politics

Brad said:

The Crossed Pond

Barely six months old, this political blog that spans both sides of the Atlantic has already been rated as one of the Top 100 Right-of-Centre blogs in England, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, The London Times, National Review, and others. A heavy emphasis on politics and election watching, as well as front line dispatches from grassroots campaigning, but it mixes it up more than you'd think.

Bolshevik said:
Without a doubt the most open political blog anywhere

tru-liberal said:

tasmanotas said:

check out Canuck Politics

Carol said:

Reasoned Audacity

Myron said:
CarnalCelt said:


Lisa said:


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