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The Heritage Foundation Podcast

Unsafe Bull Podcast
Home Page:
A weekly composition to consider.

Diecast Dude Author Profile Page said:

I nominate The Diecast Dude's (Mostly) NASCAR Positively Persnickety Podcast:


Home page: Goldfish And Clowns

Deas said:
Mike said:

I enjoy the Pundit Review Radio podcast of their WRKO radio show. Pro-victory, pro-military and great political guests.


Jen said:

I nominate the Pundit Review Review Radio podcast. They have A-list guests every weekend.


Roberta said:

I nominate Pundit Review for all the support they give our troops. There someone you should know segment is outstanding and heart warming.

I would like to add a + to Pundit Review. How many times will be permitted to do this? Every 24 hours or once a week?

You may have a problem with fraud. I voted for Pundit Review where there is a URL, then I was able to vote at my comment. I wanted to check my theory about people only being able to vote once after that happened, so I voted for Pundit Review again.

When I first voted, there were 2 votes + my 1=3. I did receive a message stating I had already voted for them, but the number remained at 4.

Just wanted to let you know. Wizbang knows how to do it so that people cannot cheat. Have a good day.

Kevin Aylward Author Profile Page said:

You can vote once per comment. If you try to vote on a comment that you already voted on it "may" display a vote increase but if you refresh the page it will be gone. Since you can vote for more than one comment you aren't limitted as to which entries you vote up.

These aren't the polls that are used in the finalist voting, they're just an adaptation of a comment rating system to tally votes per comment.

The Right Track with Chuck Armstrong (Weekly Talk Show)

Audio posted on Blog:

Peter said:

I like the Pundit Review. Very professional, well planned broadcast with great guests.

jharvey Author Profile Page said:

Lisa and Wayne at Liquid Lunch for A Socialite's Life! You know you want an earful!

westius said:

The Mr Science Show - A refreshing look at the science around us and with 70 episodes one of the longest running science podcasts out there. Quite nicely produced too, especially in 2007

Jessica said:

I nominate Pundit Review!

Lee said:

I nominate the MORTAL GHOST podcasts: Author Profile Page said:
Roberta said:

I nominate Pundit Review for it depth and breath of political topics discussed. Although the host do not always agree with the callers they are respectful of their views.

girl6 Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Look At His Butt. These chicks dig William Shatner.

The Glenn and Helen Show. Podcast

C said:

Alternageek Technology Podcast

Robert Jago said:

Shire Network news:

debjoh said:

The Family Room Australia at:

James Wynn said:

3 Guys 3 Beers at

Frank said:

Political Vindication Radio is a great podcast

Political Vindication Radio


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