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Nominate your choice for Best New Blog. The blog must have been established after November 13, 2006 - when last years nominations opened.

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Jessica Author Profile Page said:
Steven W. Author Profile Page said:

preciseTruth Commentary Weblog

Focused on current events and covers breaking news, business & economy, science & technology, all sports, entertainment scoop, the 2008 election and conservative politics. It combines breaking news + opinion, the best of the web with the latest from the blogosphere and also includes featured news articles and feed video. Thank you for your consideration :)

E said:

My Life as a Student

Guanabee - Spicy Coverage For The Latino In You

crossflow Author Profile Page said:


This is the home of Bazzy Boy the all Australian legendary racehorse. He is one mighty fine steed without a doubt and renowned for his high speed and steadfast manner. Nothing ever phases Bazz except maybe the bags of death with worms hanging out of their bums, the horse eating pygmies (Children) and the occasional Satans Puppy wandering around the property.

He declares with enthusiasm that DRESSAGE IS GAY!!!! His common retort to anything physical is a simple BOLLOX!!! and if he can get out of actually doing anything, he's a happy horse.

Bazzy's Blog is a mix of his observations around his 20 acre paddock which he shares with Nobby the woofty coloured no knackers shortarse, Jacko the Spacko with the heart on his arse, Taffy Boy, The White Thing and his beloved filly girlfriend Cherry.

Written by Bazz himself (Honest) The blog is if you pardon the pun, straight from the horses mouth.

Here is just a small taste of Bazz's Feedback

I laughed so hard I bust a rib

OMG I just sprayed coffee all over my desk

Someone from the office just called an ambulance I was laughing so hard

Oh great now I have pee'd myself, thanks Bazz

That is the funniest website I have ever seen, period, good on ya Bazzy

God your a hopeless horse Bazz LOL

donna said:

Soul Drift:

An alternative/eclectic music blog!

Phil said:

RSS - httP;//

Live blogging of the unlimited hydroplane racing circuit.

RSS Feed:

jlp Author Profile Page said:

Terms & Conditions - Insurance Industry Blog

Blog provides insightful commentary inspired by current insurance topics.

Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

MommyMD Author Profile Page said:

Mommy MD: A Guide to Realistic Parenting



I created this blog because as a mom and pediatrician I wanted to offer a real life perspective of raising kids. I talk about the joys and fears and all the crazy ups and downs. I give realistic advice of a mom who's a doctor and who has young kids and is living the life like they are. I remind parents to stay strong, to love deeply and have no regrets.

Sheila Cason MD

NJ Voices: Joel Schwartzberg

Award-winning essayist plucks the funniest and most thoughtful moments and phenomenon from Garden State Culture...and makes them even more funny and thoughtful. The best thing ever written by a smart guy with a twelve-letter last name, but hey, that's just me.

Boo said:
Kevin P Author Profile Page said:

Name of site: Starting life as a Christian

JANICE. said:


It came out QUITE recently!
read it to know more!

JB Davis said:

Please consider my blog for this award.

JB's Corner

Thank you very much.

AJSparxx Author Profile Page said:

I submit my blog for this award.
Conservatives with Attitude!
Does anything more need to be said about that? Ranked as the Number 1 Most Influential Political Blog 13 weeks in a row. Operated by 2 Professional Wrestlers who just happen to be Conservative.

fms said:

Story of Tonyong's life.

bigdadgib Author Profile Page said:

My Submit for Best New Blog
The Official WebBlog of BigDadGib

LauraB said:

Succumb to the slack.

Dawn Author Profile Page said:
Luis said:

Scophy - Porn for creative souls

Adrian Author Profile Page said:


This is a blog about my battle against two-types of leukaemia which Drs say they haven't seen before.

It includes video footage of my bone marrow transplant.

Best wishes,


Adrian Author Profile Page said:


This is a blog about my battle against two-types of leukaemia which Drs say they haven't seen before.

It includes video footage of my bone marrow transplant.

Best wishes,


Raghav said:

This is a blog about all kinds of health info:
Health Watch Center

Raghav said:

This is a blog about all kinds of Sleep Disorders:
Sleep Disorders Guide

Greta Author Profile Page said:

Well my friend tried to nominate me and couldn't get logged in. So I am going to be so obnoxious as to nominate myself for my New Orleans flavored newbie blog!

iBlogCup Author Profile Page said:

International Blog Cup

RSS Feed: IBC RSS Feed

Margaret said:

Here's a very good new blog:

Ornery Elephant said:
iPakBlog said:

Name of site: Deputy Dog

I'll be shameless:

Just an Earth-Bound Misfit

tex said:
aGRAMPS Author Profile Page said:
yojoe said:
Mary*Ann said:

Crotchety Old Bastard...Best New Blog!

Nigel said:
Chuck Adkins Author Profile Page said:

Chuck Adkins

Best New Blog, Been around since February 2007

old guide said:
John Rohan Author Profile Page said:

The Shield of Achilles

Great new blog on war and crime, created May 2007

Lot of original content - and no advertising!

Insolent Infidel said:

Crotchety Old Bastard

jadedlady said:

Crotchety Old Bastard
Best New Blog!

I would like to nominate a blog that was new in 2007 and is already has more to say than anyone else

Erik Hare

You can also go to him through the main page

Marine Dad said:

Karen Freberg's blog on Public Relations,Fashion, Food and the Internet

web said:

crazy stories to make you shake your head and say say it isnt true....


webrep said:

Neat blog on college costs and univerity politics...

Monica Roberts said:

I'd like to nominate Mes Deux Cents for Best New Blog

Avi Abrams Author Profile Page said:

I nominate new best blog:
wonderful stuff...

ali bullock Author Profile Page said:

I am going nominate "The Hong Kong Daries" for the blog awards.

This is a blog all about life in Hong Kong peppered with stories, thoughts and articles about doing business in China and its culture. I also take a wry look at some of the less serious areas and aspects of life here.

Occasional quips are also made about my wife, Mrs B who is here with me.

The inspiration comes from the late writer and broadcaster Alistair Cook and his "Letter from America." Its just more Chinese and copies the format.

Read it here:

Kim said:

Joan at Primordial Slack should be anointed queen of all new blogs forever. Seriously. She's daunting.

Sue said:

Confessions of a Real Librarian

Adis said:

Maybe the best new Blog in Greece.

Sara said:

A Byootaful Life

Sarah said:

Forgot to add RSS!

A Byootaful Life

Thesman said:

A funny celebrity blog...

Lynn said:

I've no idea what the RSS feed is.

pat79thst said:

I nominate -

. . . With Both Hands

girly Author Profile Page said:

I nominate

she has been writing for 2 months I think. So a new blog


heyitsmejn Author Profile Page said:

I nominate-
Alec is a Girl's Name

Craig Bailey Author Profile Page said:

I nominate:

Happiness Strategies

One of the best written, most engaging blogs around, with valuable advice on how to improve your happiness. And often laugh out loud funny. The blog author is a psychologist who researched happiness for her honours thesis.

nnsqtarcm said:

wQQyhA snhfjgzwachj, [url=]fifxshfencvu[/url], [link=]nkjnablvjnfk[/link],

Sabrina said:

My quest for the 10000 names of the Goddess.

Kickstand said:

Everyone should check out this rising star. Where it

Bill Schumm said:

Best New Blog:

An information and news site for anybody who is interested in the Fire and Rescue service.

It is a very dynamic site with photos and videos. It puts up 6 - 10 fresh postings every day and in just 6 months already has a large readership.

theonlycarebear said:

I nominate The Wonder Women:

Every week these four women take a new topic and turn it on its ear. They're spirited, funny and intelligent. These women make the site very fun and addictive!

Mr Furious Author Profile Page said:

Mrs. Furious ... Recipes, Rants, and Reviews
One woman's journey through marriage, motherhood, and weightloss

One woman's journey through marriage, motherhood, and weightloss">

[sniff] Very proud of the Mrs. She's only been blogging a few months and already is kicking butt.

Sameera Author Profile Page said:

Sameera's Haven

Feed url :

"Enter The Haven - Be Rejuvenated"

MadilineM Author Profile Page said:

I found this blog through a comment on another site and its a new one! It worthy of a link and a look. I have enjoyed reading her writing and have bookmarked her.

Kabir Author Profile Page said:

Sameera's Haven

Confessions of a "Chubby" Asian Girl

Med Journal Watch

My blog has been active since April 2007, and only four months later, New York Times has begun to display my posts regularly - in BlogRunner Health, and also in the NYT Health selection of the best posts "Health Around the Web". I have a watchful eye on bad medical science, with a main focus on false claims about diets and body weight. My blog is also nominated in the Best Medical and Health Issues category.

jfg Author Profile Page said:

Web site:

This is a great new parenting blog, by a mom and children's book author (Maxwell's Mountain, Horris Grows Down). The writing is excellent, and the pieces sincere. Shari is willing to talk about things that others are afraid to admit to others. I think it is award worthy and definitely worth checking out.

Big fan said:

Knee Deep in the Hooah!

An Army wife/Army mom who is knee deep in the Army! The son is an infantry soldier (Stryker Brigade) and the husband has joined at an older age and is an officer candidate. Life's lessons along the way of her military journey. A delightful mix of useful information and light-heartedness written in a smooth, professional style that's sure to keep you coming back.

DrEvil Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Security Watch for best new blog -

jam Author Profile Page said:

An awesome resource for learning about ecotechnology

Bunk Strutts said:
New, original humor with photos.

Thoughts and stories of love and marriage under racial scrutiny from both sides of the relationship.

yojoe said:

Best New Blog: Dreadnaught

law-reform said:
Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession

FrancisQ said:

Calling America

Although its not a traditional blog, bar none The Mitt Report is deserving of winning this! Tell me one blog that has more daily coverage on the 2008 election than the Mitt Report!

Micah said:

The Mitt Report is the best site by far!

Great source of info... said:

I nominate FourBux for best new blog

The Anchoress said:
Joe Law said:

Manpower Employment Blawg -- engaging, humorous approach to employment law

Jane said:
Angela said:

I nominate Fashionista Square for best new blog.

Garth said:

Here, here! Another vote for "The Mitt Report"!!

Joe Scully said:

I nominate this excellent new blog:

Anti-Racist Blog: Exposing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on American College Campuses

This blog is dedicated to documenting credible reports of anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism at colleges and universities. Its mission is to educate people about this alarming phenomenon, and to work towards finding a solution. Topics discussed on this site include: anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist incidents; professors; student groups; scholarly work; academic programs; as well as terrorist groups, extremists and intolerant ideologies that fuel hatred against Jews and Israel supporters on campus.

JWF said:
Palamas Author Profile Page said:

I nominate:

The Reformed Pastor

Jon Hurley said:

I nominate Contemporary Confessions

Daniel said:

A smart, well written, must read! I nominate this blog without reservation.

Commentary's new blog, contentions:


Not being shy, I'd like to nominate my own blog.

Blue Collar Muse
Blue Collar Muse's Feed

Thanks for considering me ...


Not being shy, I'd like to nominate my own blog.

Blue Collar Muse
Blue Collar Muse's Feed

Thanks for considering me ...


StephC said:

Not that I really think I have a chance but I have absolutely none if I don't try:

Hillbilly Politics


Jay said:

I nominate William Dipini :

Michael said:

I'd like to nominate my own blog:

It's short, sweet, and guaranteed not to be boring.

MordecaiWW Author Profile Page said:

With a little embarrassment, I nominate our team's Blog.




With little embarassment, I also nominate my blog: The Douchebag Report -- Empowering the fight against insanity.


First of all, you gotta love the name. Next, you gotta love the cause -- exposing liars, thieves, and media / political elites that believe in the "do as I say, not as I do" way of life.

Michael Author Profile Page said:

And, I second that nomination for Douchebagreport

I nominate my own blog.

The Free Business Advice, Free Email Consulting Service and Business Success Partner Program.

Dana said:

Just a few months old, Liberty Pundit

Eye Opener said:

Best New Blog?

I Call BS!

Nice Deb said:

What the hell? Why hasn't anyone nominated me yet?

Nice Deb

WraithX Author Profile Page said:

The List Universe

A site of top 10 lists with a great community and brilliant comments.

beth Author Profile Page said:

Southern Sass on Crime

I can't find the feed.??

Michael Author Profile Page said:

I nominate NASCAR Eclectic for '07 Best New Blog

SEI Design Group Blog
SEI Design Group Office Blog

Jared said:
wiserbud said:
EtheWise said:

The following blog receives my humble nomination. It is a left/right blog with plenty of politics, sports and entertainment to spare.

This post alone has surfaced as one of the leading Fred Thompson posts on the web. Google 'Fred Thompson's wife' and it is #1 on the list due to the enormous traffic the topic is getting.

Sallie said:

Please visit MamaArcher's Blog at: and consider her for best new blog..

Randal Vaughn said:



Randi19 Author Profile Page said:

Great one

Humor, politics, pictures, stories.

Well worth your time!

If they'd let me, I'd be my own best friend!

Skip's House of Chaos

Caledonia Wake Up Call

Better and more detailed coverage of occupation and multi-tiered justice and law enforcement in Ontario, than all Canadain media and on-line blogs combined. The detail, facts, and massive amount of information and work speaks for itself.
Nothing more relevant and timely. Nothing compares to this site.

Even Small Dead Animals web site & weblog no longer "links" to the facts and truth of what is happening in Ontario. :-(

C said:

Alternageek Technology Podcast & Blog

Since there is no catagory for Most Obnoxious, I guess I'll have to go here:

Absolute Moral Authority

derick said:
--Deb said:

Punctuality Rules

Using grammar and good manners to save civilization.

Brad said:

The Crossed Pond

Barely six months old, this political blog that spans both sides of the Atlantic has already been rated as one of the Top 100 Right-of-Centre blogs in England, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, The London Times, National Review, and others. A heavy emphasis on politics but it mixes it up more than you'd think.

konagod Author Profile Page said:

Best New Blog

Phydeaux Speaks

Best New Blog or LGBT
Teh Portly Dyke

cranky said:

Nice Deb is nice. And Wickedpinto would say she's got jugs. I wouldn't say that even though she does and her Farrah Fawcett quality photo (hair and legs go on forever) that was at Innocent Bystanders is an internet classic and hotter than the surface of the sun.

Nice Deb -- vote early, vote often.

madelyn said:

Sam Riddleburger

A blog to watch from the author of The Qwikpick Adventure Society.

Ms. JD said:

7,869 visits in 1 day and 1 month of life!
I'm the Jaeh and this is my gallery...
(girls, don't open)!

Look this post:

Joanne said:

Skellie at Skelliewag.

This generous and smart girl just continuously AMAZES me.

Always with an eye-catching picture for each quality post, she publishes useful and innovative content, from how to create vital (and viral!) content to how to get noticed and on the benefits of simplicity to the value of heeding her writing tips.

And I only recently learned that her blog is only 3 MONTHS old but she's already got 600+ FEED subscribers!

Shamelessly putting myself in the new category now . . .

WhenItRains ~ periodic downpours of information for Ontario home schoolers

upporting and promoting alternative and home-based education and taking the fear out of homeschooling through high school and applying to universities.

Blogger Sarah Rainsberger (oh wait, that's me!) is a long-time volunteer and advocate for home schoolers, bringing to the blog 18 years of experience as a master tutor, teacher, guidance counselor, writer, speaker and all around nice gal (OK, well that last one was for more than 18 years. I was a nice kid.)

Dj Tee said:


Welcome to The 2007 Weblog Awards!

The Weblog Awards are the world's largest blog competition, with over 525,000 votes cast in the 2006 edition for finalists in 45 categories. Nominations for 49 categories ended October 17, 2007 and voting began November 1, 2007. Final results will be announced November 8, 2007 at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

Signup for our newsletter for press releases and to keep up to date on general information about The Weblog Awards. It's the best way to stay abreast of the schedule for this year and for the 2008 (and beyond) editions of The Weblog Awards.

Once the polls open comments will be disabled on the site, but you are invited to join us in The Weblog Awards discussion forums if you want to talk about the awards, the nominees, or ask questions.

If you've enjoyed The 2007 Weblog Awards, don't be afraid to...

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