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Nominate your choice for Best Literature Blog. Blogs about books, writing, the publishing industry, or genres (classics, sci-fi, romance novels, etc.) would be at home in this category.

Update (Oct. 17): Over the next 24 hours we will be closing nominations for most categories. This is a manual process so it takes a while to complete. As long as a category allows you to enter a comment (which is how you submit a nomination) nominations for that category are still open. When the option to leave a comment is not available you'll know nominations for that category are closed. The "+" rating of nominees will remain open throughout the awards.

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  • The nomination period is scheduled to end on Wednesday, October 17, 2007.
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rrodrigues said:

Guanabee - Spicy Coverage For The Latino In You

I would like to nominate

I talk to the God but the sky is empty by Kelvin,

Manny said:
ace said:

Sandra Scoppettone's Writing Thoughts

clairec23 said:

A blog to promote new writers, share work and advice.

J. Ransom said:

Some really cool fiction... Author Profile Page said:

Reading material to get exited about. In other words, this isn't stuffy Jane Austen type stuff. This is mysteries, science fiction, horror, graphic novels, etc.

Captmathman said:

A Bland and Deadly Courtesy

Mr. Brust generates lively debates and gives intriguing glimpses into the craft.

Lizzy said:
Shaun Duke said:

I couldn't sign in to WP for some reason.

Anyway, I'm nominating myself:
The World in the Satin Bag

Taylor said:

7ine Book Reviews

vgirl said:
madelyn said:

Sam Riddleburger

A blog about children's literature by the author of the Qwikpick Adventure Society

madelyn said:

Anne Marie Pace's Journal

A blog about kids lit and the writing process.

girl6 Author Profile Page said:

My Star Trek fan fiction blog can beat up your snooty lit blog. Author Profile Page said:

The City Desk
The City Desk is a collaborative fiction weblog comprised of semi-regular items about a city that does not exist.

an eclectic poetry blog that takes readers into the life and opinions of a poet and her experiences and that of fellow poets to show how poems come about and how anyone that wants to should and can write.

odd but catchy. like the flu! ; )

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

The Miss Rumphius Effect
Tricia at TMRE is an insightful and articulate blogger who writes about children's literature and teaching poetry, science, math... well anything, using children's books.


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