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Terrell Author Profile Page said:

SW Anderson at Oh!Pinion is thoughtful, incisive, accurate, prolific, respectful of opposing views, dogged in defending his own, in short an excellent and entertaining political commentator.

Check him out:


dsadevil Author Profile Page said:

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

The Carpetbagger Report

Margaret said:

I like Firedoglake for best liberal blog

Mensch71 said:
DC Cab Rider Author Profile Page said:

Make it Stop! Make it Stop!

Love the names, love the posts.

actor212 Author Profile Page said:

Since someone beat me to humping my own blog (thanks, MissC!), I'd like to nominate My left Wing

Tom said:

The Van Der Galien Gazette

frankly said:

Been doin it longer
Still doin it better

David said:

The Impudent Observer - Global Liberal Issues

rose frederick said:

The best blog is

Sue said: Can't go a day without it. Best liberal blog there is. Good info, good links, good T-shirts!!!

Tom Buckner said:, seconded. Bartcop has been at it longer than 'blogs' existed, and he cuts right to the meat of an argument in a no-BS way. Still the only one really talking about how oil isn't getting metered in Iraq, meaning Bush friends could be stealing a more than a hundred million a day!

A Redford said: . Best blog ever!

diana said:

bartcop is the best!!!!!!

Dutch Boy said:

Best liberal blog is
keep the hammer swinging.

Revolution Author Profile Page said:

Hope I'm not too late, please take a look at this political blog.

the White House Intel Report

Also: coming soon
"UnAmerican" Revolution

carol said:

Crooks and Liars

Captmathman said:

Gotta go with the Tequila Treehouse!

The Redstar Perspective:

Xanthippas said:
jjemcm said:
David said:

Sadly, No!

Irreverent, outrageous, yet on-point.

Mike S said:

Washington Monthly Political Animal is where I go first for everyday for well written thoughtful, informative political information.

for RSS:

kari said:

bartcop is my choice for best liberal blog

Comrade Rutherford said:

I heartily recommend Welcome to Pottersville. He writes exactly what I would, if I had time to write a blog:

Pottersville is the name of the town in 'It's A Wonderful Life', as shown to Jimmy Stewart by his guardian angel. Originally named 'Bedford Falls', the alernative version is taken over by the GOP leadership and transformed by Free Market Caplitalism into a sinkhole of squalor and poverty.

Ron Goldman said: is the reason Al Gore invented the Internets. It is the all-around smartest, funniest, most perceptive, most entertaining blog going -- and I read ALL the blogs. Author Profile Page said:

Been around long before any of the rest of y'all...But posting funnier stuff than the rest of y'all...And he's probably older than the rest of y'all.


cherie Author Profile Page said:

this blog is brilliantly and passionately as well as truthfully written in the vein of our founding father's. "jurrasiac pork" uses the 21st century blog just as paine used pamphleteering.

he is a true patriot and one of my heros and "must reads."

he rocks my liberal heart and evokes my eternal hopefulness to take flight.


girl6 Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Angry Black Bitch for her razor-sharp political commentary.

Jay said:
diana said: is the best

Roth said:

Commentary by a longtime progressive author seeking to counterbalance what he sees as an unfair portrayal of Israel by a small yet influential segment of the left.

bharti said:

MK said:

I read them all, but has been my favorite for years.

Sully Fan said:
allan said: !

PSGInfinity said:

Ann Althouse's Blog

yesyesyes said:
Eye Opener said:

Best Liberal Blog?

I Call BS!

mimritty said:

Best liberal blog (in the true, Enlightenment sense of the work liberal) is Instapundit

Peterborough Politics

wanda said:

Best Liberal Blog from Canukistan:

TomDem55 said:

Bartcop, he keeps swinging the hammer at
the right wing nuts!!!

DemDaily said:
Terrell Author Profile Page said:

Whoops! My link (above) does not work so I'll repeat myself:

SW Anderson at Oh!Pinion is thoughtful, incisive, accurate, prolific, respectful of opposing views, dogged in defending his own, in short an excellent and entertaining political commentator.
Check him out:

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

I am so sorry. I have been very careless and misspelled the link a second time. Please do not judge this excellent blog by its careless nominator!

SW Anderson at Oh!Pinion is thoughtful, incisive, accurate, prolific, respectful of opposing views, dogged in defending his own, in short an excellent and entertaining political commentator.
Check him out:

The Anonymous Liberal can be counted on for clear, factual, well-reasoned and thought-provoking posts on timely, important matters of law, politics and public policy. Doesn't resort to snark and foul language, yet still gets the job done.


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