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Is't it obvious ?

Larry Craig's Vlog, The Washington Report

fernandes65 said:
B Khat said:


Margaret said:

Pam's House Blend for best LGBT blog\

Sg. Patriot Author Profile Page said:

Great blog.

Sg. Patriot Author Profile Page said:

Sorry, I messed up the link. rules:

Here is their rss:

Brilliant LBGT blog.

Roger said:
Doug said:

The Bilerico Project - 40 various contributors from LGBT activists, authors and agitators. One of my favorites.

Bcrista2 said:
Brandy said:

A new blog, but it is fantastic:

And, I think this is the rss feed:

Monica Roberts said:

I'd like to nominate TransGriot for Best LGBT Blog

Thomas said:

T Town Tommy "Living in the Buckle of the Bible Belt"

CompuChick said:
les chic said:

Girlfriend is a Homo

John said:


This is a great new blog. Shari is a children's book author, writer and mom of two young daughters. Her talent for writing shows in her frank, humorous and heartfelt essays. She's willing to talk about her own parenting successes and failures, which we all know we have had!

Keep up the good work, Shari.

heyrichie Author Profile Page said:

Hi everyone! Please consider my blog for nomination. It's not fancy and there are no sponsors, but it has some fun topics and thoughtful writing that you don't normally encounter in the myriad of blogs on the internet.

There have been a lot of interesting topics on my blog over the past couple of years, and even if I don't win an award, I'd still be happy if I was able to entertain people who are bored at work and want to read something cool.

carol said:

Pam's House blend

alan said:

Pam's House Blend

alan said:

Faggoty Ass Faggot Author Profile Page said:

Queer Visions Author Profile Page said:

The Fruit Fly

Pams House Blend


Princess Sparkle Pony

Herman Wurth Author Profile Page said:
Cas said:

I'd like to nominate Creampuff Revolution:

vdunleavy Author Profile Page said:

Rosie O'Donnell's Blog

Howie said:

I'd like to nominate

and his backup

As best gay blog. Because he will really be upset with that.

my apologies to the actual gay blogs.

Brandy said:



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