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Nominate your choice for Best Individual Blogger. With many popular blogs adopting a muti-author format, we've switched the Group Blog award to an individual award. The nominated author may write for an individual blog or be a member of a community or group site. Nominate by the bloggers name and primary site.

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Please consider me for this category:
I blog at Thoughts of a Regular Guy


- Paul

Jessica Author Profile Page said:
Racedriven Author Profile Page said:

Name: :: The Blog
RSS Feed:

Felicia said:

I would like to nominate Deborah Ng for the best blogger award. She's so nice and helpful. Thanks to her, hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) if not thousands of people have work. These are the blogs she has that I know of:

Freelance Writing Jobs

About Weblogs

Simply Thrifty


I know she has a few more but those are the ones I know and visit most. Google her she's everywehre.


Felicia P.

crossflow Author Profile Page said:

Hi I'm a horse and this is my blog. I wrote it all myself and my Dad had bugger all to do with it

donna said:
The Sea Dreamer said:

Mike Hitchen
...for truth, justice and the safety of neglected children.

Xtabay said:

Mike Hitchen

For doing the job the British press have so dismally failed to do!

Jill Havern said:

Mike Hitchen should definitely be considered for the Best Blogger (of the Decade!) Award for his hard work trying to find the truth and justice for Maddie McCann, the little girl neglected by her parents. Mike's blog also raises awareness of many other important global issues.

Jill Havern, UK

kizzbo said:

Mike has championed the cause of Missing Madeleine McCann - highlighting the negligence of her parents, the immorality of the fund and the sickening spin that Team McCann feed to the public across the world.

His blog has become a sanctuary for free-thinking individuals who refuse to accept that it is okay to leave 3 small children alone in their beds in a foreign country - and then gain celebrity status from this negligent deed.

I thank Mike for his blog - and I wish him well in these awards!

Laura said:

Thoughtful, thought-provoking, informative, compassionate and always articulate.Mike's loyal following is well-deserved.

Alice said:

Maybe you can consider this blog:

Please consider my blog, Kelly's Grape Times, in this category. It is written entirely by me, and it offers wine (and sometimes spirits and beer) suggestions, tips, news and food pairing advice:




Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

Kate said:

Mike Hitchen

Top guy
First class blog

Give us somewhere to talk, debate and argue a bit but in (quite) a civilised way


mandy said:

Mike Hitchen
...for truth, justice and the safety of neglected children.

Anne Ross said:

I would like to nominate Mike Hitchen for the outstanding work and thorough research he has carried out on his blog. Mike Hitchen deserves this award

The best Individual Blogger is the smartest and by far the most creative. I would like to nominate Erik Hare, who deliberately keeps everything plain and simple.

Erik Hare

also see

DocBear said:

I would like to Nominate Little Nuances

The URL to use when nominating Little Nuances is:

The RSS feed is:

Laura Author Profile Page said:

His blog doesn't look like much, but he is the best thinker and writer on the web today by far. He is a great inspiration, and the only person who can make sense of the world today.

Erik Hare

if that doesn't work the main page forhim is here:



Funny musings about Garden State life and culture from an award-winning essayist and Dad. The most entertaining blog ever from New Jersey from a guy with a twelve-letter last name, but hey, that's just me.

Lindy UK said:

Nomination for Mike Hitchen as Best Individual Blogger.


Unrelentingly honest, from the heart and from the hip, Mike has given a voice and sanctuary to those who thought the world had gone mad.

jazki said:

of Mykiru & the Missing Piece

JKH said:

Elmer Quigley Gooseburger's blog is wickedly funny.

Elizabeth said:

Nomination for Mike Hitchen as Best Individual Blogger.

Mike Hitchen consistently writes to such a high standard - his blog is informative, entertaining and extremely popular. Furthermore, given the amount of people who support him by visiting his blog on a daily basis, Mike takes the time and trouble to welcome each and every individual and even notices if just one is absent for a couple of days. A truly wonderful man, an inspiration to many, and VERY deserving of this accolade.

MommyMD Author Profile Page said:

Mommy MD: A Guide to Realistic Parenting

Check out the perspective of a pediatrician mom who is living the dream however overwhelming it may be at times. Juggling a career and raising kids in a realistic way. Reminding ourselves to savor the little moments. They're gone too fast...



Here's to our kids. They make it all worthwhile...

JANICE. said:

This blog deserves the Best individual Blogger award! (or rather, the owner of the blog...)

visit the blog to know more! :D

Scots Gran said:

I would like to nominate Mike Hitchen for running an outstandingly well administered blog, where you have the freedom to air your views (within reason) in a decidedly civilised manner.

Angie said:

Powder Tracks, the Blogger discusses Medicine, Politics, Religion, Jihadoterrorists and their threat to the Occidental World with keen insight using a sensible and interesting historical perspective. His blog deserves a Hat Tip...

Alex Nunez said:

I nominate Sheila O'Malley of The Sheila Variations

She is consistently entertaining and excellent!

Shyller said:

This individual is growing vegetables indoors

This blog might sound techie, but Laurel is a great communicator of web life & has a built a great (diverse) community of readers.

(her lead)
Laurel Papworth - Online Communities - Australia and Global

Online Communities are changing the way our society interacts, at a local, Australian and global level. Participatory journalism and user generated content provide us with the mechanism to observe, record and dissect the changes. Interesting times bring interesting discussions - the DIALOGUE is the CONTENT!

Website name:
Site URL:
Site Feed:

Not Quite What I Had Planned

Want a healthy dose of perspective? Read Kristie's blog. Though she has faced personal tragedies that most people can't even comprehend, her husband and young daughter both had cancer, Kristie somehow manages to focus her life on love and laughter. And boy oh' boy, does she ever have a knack for turning life's everyday occurrences, like a bike ride, into HILARIOUS prose that can be appreciated by all.

Julie/Natalie Moore said:

Mike Hitchens Blog

For honesty, integrity and a simple dose of common sense in relation to the events following Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Mike can hold his head up high whilst many others should hang their heads in shame for the rest of their lives. You never lose your focus Mike!

Fred's Friend said:
Fred's Friend said:
Fred's Friend said:
Gary Denness Author Profile Page said:

The Mexile

Life of a British ex pat in Mexico City



bigdadgib Author Profile Page said:

My Submit for Best New Blog
The Official WebBlog of BigDadGib

indala said:

she is soo funny and informative ..please consider her for this catagory

indala said:

Sorry, forgot the URL
It is

Merley said:

I nominate for bringing child abuse and DV to the attention of the world!

Right Truth Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Butch of 123Beta

Maleficent said:

Best blogger HAS to be aka_monty from The Daily Bitch, she's funny and sometimes sad, and often thought provoking. She's multi talented! Bitch

Stan said:

Stan Fox nods toward Suitably Flip.

Homie said:


Mark said:

The Bull Speaks!
A Disabled American Veteran who says what he means and means what he says. Even if you disagree. (Ain't Freedom grand?)

Bill Author Profile Page said:

This guy has the insite to look before he speaks. "Caution: Engage Brain Before Starting Mouth" seems to be THE BULLS MOTTO

cindy said:

Blog Title: The Bull Speaks!
Blog URL:
Blog Feed:

Bill Author Profile Page said:
cindy said:

Blog Title: The Bull Speaks!
Blog URL:
Blog Feed:

cindy said:

Blog Title: The Bull Speaks!
Blog URL:
Blog Feed:

RickZ said:
Nancy said:

Blog Title: The Bull Speaks!
Blog URL:
Blog Feed:

Edward said:

I would like to nominate:

Pat Maginess: Private-Eye


Diecast Dude Author Profile Page said:

I'd like to nominate... well, myself.  For diversity if nothing else:

•  Personal and spiritual musings, plus discussion about a book I'm currently writing detailing the lives then and now of Christian alternative rock's pioneers:
Goldfish And Clowns

Restrictor Plate This

•  San Jose Sharks:
Fear The Fin

Yes, I do turn off the computer and go outside once in a while!

russell Author Profile Page said:

Website name: Christi Nielsen: I'm Just About To Get Skinny

Site URL:

Harvey Dunning said:
Joanna Frazier said:

I'd like to nominate MGR Z at
for Best Individual Blogger.

Soldiers' Angels

Libba said:

Carl in Jerusalem

Israel Matzav

CompuChick said:

Funny the World

One of the internets very first in its 7th year. Uninterrupted daily journal of Bev Sykes of Davis, CA.

Ya gotta read this one!

I would like to nominate myself for this award

thank you :-)

J. Ransom said:
Adrian Peabody said:

Flip (I think it's a nickname) from SuitablyFlip is a talented writer, investigator, avowed conservative voice, and humorist, which is a nice blend for the kind of affairs which he covers. A great solo effort site.

Baghuan said:

I think Flip Pidot is the best individual blogger around.

Matt said:

You've got to respect the range of coverage at Suitably Flip

Charlie said:

Definitely Flip Pidot of He's the best!

J. Harvey said:

I nominate Lisa Timmons from A Socialite's Life because bitch is funny.

jharvey Author Profile Page said:

I nominate J. Harvey from A Socialite's Life. Because bitch thinks he's funny.

Yeah, I'm nominating myself. I haven't won anything since second grade. It's time, dammnit!

Stuart Chase said:

Michael Van Der Galiën of the
The Van Der Galiën Gazette

KS said:

Flip Pidot at is the real deal - - relevant, researched, and readable!

heyrichie Author Profile Page said:

Hi everyone! Please consider my blog for nomination. It's not fancy and there are no sponsors, but it has some fun topics and thoughtful writing that you don't normally encounter in the myriad of blogs on the internet.

There have been a lot of interesting topics on my blog over the past couple of years, and even if I don't win an award, I'd still be happy if I was able to entertain people who are bored at work and want to read something cool.

Johnny said:

I nominate the funniest blog I have ever read:

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi.

some guy said:
steveegg Author Profile Page said:

Mary Katharine Ham (feed is for all the "main" TownHall blogs; look for the stuff from MKH)

jacob Author Profile Page said:

I nominate "Wonderland or Not".
I have no time to read blogs these days, and I still read this blog.

Wonderland or Not
Feed Author Profile Page said: Author Profile Page said:
pat79thst said:

. . . With Both Hands

Eric Novak said:

I nominate The Voice of Experience - wisdom from the best book around.

ali bullock Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate my blog The Hong Kong Diaries for the award of indivudal blogger.

Its a site talking about life in Hong Kong from the view of a British guy.

W Dean said:
Insightful, witty and poignantly flip. Should win an award for his investigative work, particularly the Norman Hsu scandal, where he has scooped the prosecutors as well as the tree-killing media.

Mr Furious Author Profile Page said:

Let me nominate Toast at

as well as myself (why not?):

Mr. Furious

Both of us are liberals, but branch out into enough other stuff beyond politics that this is the better category...

alan said:

Pam Spalding of Pam's House Blend

alan said:

I also nominate Brian of

Sameera Author Profile Page said:

Kabir - Author of Kabir's Hood

Feed url :

Read me, know me!

Sameera Author Profile Page said:

Sameera - Author of Sameera's Haven

Feed url :

Enter The Haven - Be Rejuvenated

Kabir Author Profile Page said:

Kabir - Author of Kabir's Hood

Kabir Author Profile Page said:

Sameera - Author of Sameera's Haven

Xanthippas said:

Vince Leibowitz, "Capital Annex"

Vince is a one man political machine/blogger, and there's no one who does coverage of Texas politics better.

ac1 Author Profile Page said:

Van Helsing always keeping tabs on Moonbattery.

Brad K. Author Profile Page said:

Superfast reader. Personal reviews, from an honest and literate gentleperson.

Iron girl said:

Satire about other bloggers in blogland

Shelley Bee said:

I'm a big fan of Laurie Kendrick's blog. I go there to read her stuff daily and mostly, it's hilarious. Pain inducing hilarious at times, then there are also occasions when she can make you think...actually touch your soul.

Her writing is brilliant, poignant, whimsical, hilarious and though provoking. It makes me laugh and it has made me cry.

Her blog is the consummate box of chocolate--you go there and you never know what you're gonna get. The surprise is in the surprise.

Please consider this gifted woman for Best Blogger.

Thank you,

jam Author Profile Page said:

Quite possibly the only man in America who would test out balding solutions on himself and let us chart the progress online. Hilarious.

I'd like to nominate Dan Costa
Costa Living on

Blogger Kate Ahern

beth Author Profile Page said:
beth Author Profile Page said:

And Rightly So!

Greta Author Profile Page said:

Right Wing & Right Minded

This guy is also responsible for Wednesday Hero! Hooah Indian Chris!

Rene said:

Something and Half of Something

Best Individual Blogger hands down.

Norbert said:

Gnorb from


Johnm said:
Madison said:

Verbalized: Life + Thoughts + Commentary

I nominate Emon

Cas said:
Cas said:

I'd like to nominate Creampuff Revolution:

My partner Nate Hale (aka "Spook 86") at In From the Cold. He's been providing great insight on intel, defense and national security matters for the past two and a half years, and did the job largely on his own.

anony mous said:

PJ, Pamela Jones, at Groklaw. She's been
called the most important blogger of our time.

Emon said:

What the heck...I nominate myself.

Jane said:
Goober Pyle said:

B.C., Imperial Torturer™

Lauren said:

Rosie O'Donnell's Blog

Pat said:

Best Individual Blogger:

Nate Hale (aka Spook86)


Joseph WarBicycle said:
Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:

Christian Culture Warrior:

The T-bones said:

A cute, fun, random blog.

David Barwacz said: Author Profile Page said:
least said:

Rachel's a witty, no-nonsense blogger:

CarpeDiem said:

I'd like to nominate Jeremayakovka -

Great blog with a literary style, original!!

Storms24 said:

Spook86's information & commentary are among the best out there - Great analysis and insight.

Dana said:
Bob1 said:

I nominate Sondra at Knowledge is Power:

Melissa In Texas said:
john bassett said:
JP said:

I nominate Peter Black's Freedom to Differ:

Not only does it cover important (and sometimes fun!) issues about the internet today from a legal perspective, but the blog's name derived from a meaningful quote.

I'm hooked!

wiserbud said:
Susan Smith said: Author Profile Page said:

One guy runs all of these humor blogs:

The Dumbass Daily

Top of the Nudes

You Gotta See This Video!

MordecaiWW Author Profile Page said:

Everybody loves Michelle.

Allison said:

Hey Richie rocks!!

easywriter said:

I would like to nominate Writer's Blog

Caledonia Wake Up Call
Gary McHale

All the information, facts and details you can take about multi-tier justice and law enforcement in Ontario, and never ending occupation.

Even Small Dead Animals can not touch the details of content, information and facts and no longer "links" to this site. :-(

The Weasel is the besteses.

The Weasel Times & Stoat Intelligencer

granny said:

The Anchoress - passionate, intelligent, compassionate, REAL. A daily must-read for me!

Frank Carsen said:

Well written and based on solid facts.

Jason P. said:

Wonderland or Not is quite the blog.

The girl can write.

Gautam said:

Blogger: Gautam Valluri
Blog Title: Broken Projector
Blog URL:

Suzanne Sena said:

Jack M. @ Ace of Spades HQ

--Deb said:

The Yarn Harlot

Bob Owens said:

May have been further up, but I got tired of scrolling.

Michael Yon

Wonderland or Not

Frank Norris said:

This is by far the best political blog there is!

Myron said:
Connie said:

Real news - strings + a sarcastic chick.

Feed URL:

manysmiles said:

The Best insights on the world affairs, military and people. Mary in Kansas.

Soldiers' Angel Holly Aho

She not only has her own blog, but she keeps up the main Soldiers' Angels website and blog (along with doing other SA activities!).

DJ Tee said:

Steven Foley

From The Minority Report and Red State


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