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Nominate your choice for Best Food Blog. Another category frequently requested over the years makes its debut.

Update (Oct. 17): Over the next 24 hours we will be closing nominations for most categories. This is a manual process so it takes a while to complete. As long as a category allows you to enter a comment (which is how you submit a nomination) nominations for that category are still open. When the option to leave a comment is not available you'll know nominations for that category are closed. The "+" rating of nominees will remain open throughout the awards.

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matt said:

I nominate Coconut & Lime for best food blog

Felicia said:

I would like to nominate my blog, Kelly's Grape Times, for best food blog (since there is not a separate category for wine/spirits/beverages). Although it does have a lot of wine-based entries, many of them also offer food pairing suggestions:



Jim said:

This is a great new food blog with humor and attitude as two of its main ingredients. We should all eat so well...

Bam Bam said:

Our blog takes a hilarious look at rantings of New Orleans most idiotic food critic Tom Fitzmorris. He is nationally renowned as the Dean of American Food Critics and self publishes an online newsletter each day.

We put a funny unique spin on his observations.

Bam Bam said:

Sorry forgot to post the URL.

TulaneRebel said:

I concur. One of the wittiest and poignant food blogs on the web.

MisterWhoopie said:
Exposing insufferable blowhards is one of my greatest delights!

Frank said:

Tom Fitzmorris author of "New Orleans Food" "Best Cookbook
Of The Year!" --New Orleans Magazine, Dec. 2006

Tom's online newsletter about New Orleans dining.
The New Orleans Menu Daily

Hamburgers, Vegiburgers, Veganburgers, and burger news from Portland and beyond.

I also nominate the awesome blog Shut Up & Write About Food:

CC said:
Jason Perlow said:

I nominate Off The Broiler

Rachel said:

I nominate The Expatriate's Kitchen.

ExPat Chef said:

I nominate the Expatriate's Kitchen: Author Profile Page said:

Hands down the best Food blog is


This guy eats truly weirdo stuff!

JR said:

I nominate Straight from the Farm, a recipe/photography blog featuring fresh farm produce, particularly that of urban farms.

terry said:

Best food blog ever:

Chris said:

I nominate French Laundry at Home:

This girl is cooking her way through Thomas Keller's French Laundry Cookbook, and not only is she a great writer and a decent cook, she's really, really funny.

Carol said:

I second the nomination of:

Hilarious and smart.

noname Author Profile Page said:

I'd like to nominate:

Wonderful stories with each beautiful recipe.

PepperMan said:

The Hot Zone Online blog. All about peppers, salsas and other hot foods and eating.

Zunzuncito Author Profile Page said:

Coffee & Conservation

A unique blog all about sustainably-grown coffee. Hard to explain, FULL of information.

Emon said:

Without a doubt the best food blog out there.

Nicole Hamaker's Pinch My Salt blog.

I second the nomination of Pinch My Salt for Best Food Blog.

Nicole's blog is superb and her food pics are so tasteful---in more ways than one.

Beautifully done! Author Profile Page said:
Julie D. said:
Daniel said:

I nominate "I Am Not A Chef"

Ariun said:

I nominate , a perfect blend of expert knowledge and poetic practicality.

Sissy Willis Author Profile Page said:


Cold Turkey Cookbook category:

Cold Turkey Cookbook Index to Recipes:

Wallcreeper said:

I nominate Coffee & Conservation

Joanne said:

101 Cookbooks

This site has a clean, aesthetic layout with consistently quality content and gorgeous pictures that makes your mouth drool. The bonus? Healthy recipes, too! I've never seen squash look so appealing...

Alex said:

Mouth watering recipes and stunning pictures makes this blog a stand out.

Arne said:

Dicke Deutsche | Top ErnährungsBlog from Germany


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