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Jessica Author Profile Page said:
crossflow Author Profile Page said:


This is the home of Bazzy Boy the all Australian legendary racehorse. He is one mighty fine steed without a doubt and renowned for his high speed and steadfast manner. Nothing ever phases Bazz except maybe the bags of death with worms hanging out of their bums, the horse eating pygmies (Children) and the occasional Satans Puppy wandering around the property.

He declares with enthusiasm that DRESSAGE IS GAY!!!! His common retort to anything physical is a simple BOLLOX!!! and if he can get out of actually doing anything, he's a happy horse.

Bazzy's Blog is a mix of his observations around his 20 acre paddock which he shares with Nobby the woofty coloured no knackers shortarse, Jacko the Spacko with the heart on his arse, Taffy Boy, The White Thing and his beloved filly girlfriend Cherry.

Written by Bazz himself (Honest) The blog is if you pardon the pun, straight from the horses mouth.

Here is just a small taste of Bazz's Feedback

I laughed so hard I bust a rib

OMG I just sprayed coffee all over my desk

Someone from the office just called an ambulance I was laughing so hard

Oh great now I have pee'd myself, thanks Bazz

That is the funniest website I have ever seen, period, good on ya Bazzy

God your a hopeless horse Bazz LOL

ooooh! we can nominate ourselves!
I'm going to be horribly shameless then!

Films of my emotional fragments, life and memories:

Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

DocBear said:

I would like to nominate Little Nuances

The URL to use when nominating Little Nuances is:

The RSS feed is:

Blue Girl in a Red State

By Neddie Jingo

Robin Slick: In Her Own Write

JANICE. said:

this blog deserves Best diarist! :D

visit it to know more! :D

Name: Cat's Experiment

info: A single 40 yr old Sydney girl, who was involved in a TV science program on flirting.... That & this seems like a great place to expel evil thoughts about boys, work & life.

BessB said:

Daily life in Beijing:

old guide said:
Carol said:

Ruthlace is a great person diary. This 84-year old blogger writes about growing up in a milltown in Georgia, of parenting 7 children and now about lots of grands and greats. Great range of topics.

A lyrical and poetic attempt by an errant husband to follow his creative wife's traumatic but inspiring journey towards an exhibition. It's got NYC anonymously. Afghanistan. The art world. Love and death. Kids. Hardship. It is updated daily.

joanna frazier said:

MGR Z at From My Position......On The Way

tiffanie said:

Sex and the Ivy

Jena said:

A Fresh Look: Blog

A Fresh Look: Feed

A Fresh Look: A Lynn University student blog

Whether you’re a freshman or you just remember being one, you won’t want to miss Morgan’s blog. She gives a fresh look on the Lynn University experience as she blogs about her first year of university life.

Johnny said:

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi

heyitsmejn said:

I nominate-
Alec is a Girl's Name

Carol said:

The Median Sib

beth Author Profile Page said:
bff said:

A mommy and a newly minted lawyer writes about managing it all at Balance of Power

Been reading her for years. She's great.

Madison said:

Verbalized: Life + Thoughts + Commentary.

Cas said:
Josh said:

How about It's Jerrytime!

Taking your "don't be shy" advice I want to nominate myself!!!

My blog is "Desperate Irish Housewife" and I live for attention. Well, not really, but sometimes it's nice. It's a "humor /diary from a Catholic viewpoint" blog.

You must have some category it fits into, right?

Sgt Hook said:

I would also like to nominate ArmyWifeToddlerMom for Best Diarist...

Don said:

Caledonia Wake Up Call

All the information, facts and details you can take about multi-tier justice and law enforcement in Ontario, and never ending occupation.

Even Small Dead Animals can not touch the details of content, information and facts and no longer "links" to this site. :-(

Marlene said:


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