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Nominate your choice for Best Culture Blog. Culture being somewhat in the eye of the beholder, we're looking a wide cross-section of blogs on popular culture topics.

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Guanabee - Spicy Coverage For The Latino In You

Felicia said:
benning Author Profile Page said:

The Anchoress

Simply the best at commenting on what's going on in this country as well as around the world. Her view of things is well written and makes for insightful reading. One of my daily visits in the blogosphere.

DocBear said:

I would like to nominate Little Nuances

The URL to use when nominating Little Nuances is:

The RSS feed is:

Boo said:
nehring1 Author Profile Page said:

I nominate Paul McElligott's Celluloid Heroes. His film reviews are insightful and dead on. His writing is also top shelf.

nehring1 Author Profile Page said:

It would help if I left the URL


placebo77777 Author Profile Page said:

TiFaux: a tv blog

actor212 Author Profile Page said:

Miss Cellania

Knows all, sees all, posts all:

Gayle Miller Author Profile Page said:

Because she promotes civility and kindness, whilst introducing her readers to wonderful music, excellent reading and just plain fun:

J.B. Author Profile Page said:
Johnny said:

For unique and hillarious coverage of underground culture in the UK and popular culture everywhere, I nominate:

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi.

Tom Buckner said: Great, witty, insightful, oft hilarious, and occasionally graced by the author's own brilliant artwork.

Tom W. said:

A great group culture blog of which I happen to be instigator - but not the main driver. That distinction belongs to our 40-plus bloggers.

Lifecruiser said:

So, what's culture? Does travel counts as we're discovering different cultures and events in the world?

I've started something called Lifecruiser cyber cruise, where we're a bunch of blogs sharing cultural things on our trips with each other.


Lifecruiser Author Profile Page said:

A true artist and blog design goddess. Just have a look at her work: blog design, paintings, photography - and she has humor too!

You'll be coming back for more!

Leanne Wildermuth - Artist by Nature

Leanne rocks!!!

Don Ray said:
Mark Grannis Author Profile Page said:

No one beats the Anchoress, but in the race for honorable mention please consider the Reasonable Minds blog, "a modest effort to redeem our political and cultural discourse from incivility, partisan caricature, and intentional impasse."

Julie D. said:

Nehring the Edge

mtaylor19481 said:

Many wonderful sites listed here. may I add a film site for conservative thought on film:

Christinewjc said:

Christian Culture blog

Christinewjc Author Profile Page said:

Christian vs. secular culture conversation blog:

Talk Wisdom blogspot.

bobbobaribob said:
Jim Culver said:
Rogue Male said:

I second the nomination for LIBERTAS, the forum for conservative thought on film.

Rantypants said:

Libertas--a Conservative film blog . . . and very possibly one of a kind.

nwignall said:
Lambodog said:

Nominating film site. Reviews, comments, and serious purpose

Johann said:

Libertas: A Forum for Conservative Thought on Film

Ed said:

The Shelf:
These guys write great stuff about classic popular culture and entertainment. And every once in a while they write something very thoughtful about life, politics, or history:
The Shelf

FG said:

The Iconoclast, the blog of the new English Review.
Described (by somebody else) as a delightful motley, this is a celebration of our culture with an eye open for that which threatens it.

Libertas said:

Nominate please

N.R. Thorp said:

"Many wonderful sites listed here. may I add a film site for conservative thought on film:

I second the above.

Just Cirroc said:

Knowledge is Power aka SondraK

Jon said:

Libertas-Great film reviews and discussion

Bronx Boy said:
GameWays Author Profile Page said:

Exposing the scapegoating of Israel and Jews for political purposes. Please endorse
Democracy Broadcasting News

The preservation of the free world will be in your debt.

Tyger said:

Because these guys know movies and they are not afraid to take on the leftists in Hollywood who seemed to have ruined the film industry.

QuixoticNeophyte said:

I have to go with Libertas:

I know what to look for (and look out for!) when it comes to Hollywood! And it's the perfect combination of educatoin and humor!!

Keith said:

Libertas!! Very incisive commentary on the movie business. Updates it constantly. Very funny and take-no-prisoners. No other blog like it out there.

dgdustin Author Profile Page said:

Terrific blog about film, culture and conservatism or the lack of in Hollywood and film making today.

kishke said:

Libertas. Excellent blog.

jic said:

I was going to suggest Libertas. However, having read the instructions I won't bother with another redundant nomination (I just clicked on the crosses in a few of the existing ones), and I'll instead nominate the so far unnominated Kyle Smith Online:

Nick said:

For Best Culture Blog, SpoutBlog, the blog of the movie community site Spout.


Melissa In Texas said:

Knowledge is Power (KisP) is a daily read.

pat said:

Since Libertas already has a few nominations, this guy is another worthy -

Aaron Brown said:
sheryl said:

Everyone in Hollywood should be reading Libertas. Articles and film reviews by DH are top notch.

Also, the people who post in the comments are very good too; some of the best film discussions on the internet!

don said:

Totally biased nomination for music culture:

placebo77777 Author Profile Page said:

oops, the html didn't work.

TiFaux: a TV blog

W said:

This has been the go to site for right-thinking Americans who want an alternative to the anti- America, surrender-monkey, Hollywood view of the US as spewed through their myopic, cynical, godless world view.

MitchM said:

SondraKiStan. Respect the Culture!

Bill Millan said:

Filipina Soul:

Chris Usselman said:
Sheila said:
beth Author Profile Page said:

Is crime culture?

Southern Sass on Crime

madne0 said:
Bob said:
alistair said:

I nominate Church of the Masses, screenwriting teacher Barbara Nicolosi's
excellent blog:

If it seems like the world or just the blogosphere is all hard edged and hard hitting all the time, if you're in the mood for some good photos, a delightful poem, some thoughtful reminiscences, maybe a funny cartoon or two, drop by Alone On A Limb.

Terrell brings to his well-crafted blog the qualities of a modern Renaissance man. A kindly and proud educator, writer, husband, father and American, he's keenly interested in the environment, his community and country. Whatever the subject, he writes intelligently and from the heart. It's affirming, spirit lifting and high quality all the way.


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