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Please consider my blog for this category:
Thoughts of a Regular Guy


- Paul

Gaius said:
Nancy said:

Nominating a new aggregate conservative blog in Minnesota: True North
RSS Feed:

True North seeks to focus, not on political parties or candidates or even issues, but rather first principles. We have over 30 contributors — including Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters, Scott Johnson from Powerline, Mitch Berg from Shot in the Dark, Michael Brodkorb from MN Democrats Exposed, and a host of conservatives across Minnesota. "Talent on loan from the Viking gods!"

We're enlisting counter-protesters in our Protest Watch section to answer leftists at their rallies and at the 2008 RNC Convention. Our first event in September documented protesters selling socialism under thinly-veiled anti-war signage.

For a humor break, enjoy our "Fresh Fisk" section where liberal letters to the editor or liberal editors' writings are laid bare, skinned and gutted.

We will be covering elections statewide, down to the cities at our True North Election Primer section. Upcoming events statewide are also listed here.

SJBill Author Profile Page said:

Noneother that LGF.

Josh said:

Needtawrite Author Profile Page said:

Sweeetness and Light

sickboy said:

Captain's Quarters

Michael P.F. van der Galien

Lighthouse Patriot Journal

My Vast Rightwing Conspiracy

robin said:
robin said:
Greta Author Profile Page said:

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Captains Quarters

Posted here by itself so others can hit the "+" for the Captain!

Fred's Friend said:
Fred's Friend said:
Butch Author Profile Page said:

Please consider 'Right Truth' for best conservative blog.

Mudkitty said:

Screw Liberals Triumvirate

Longstreet said:

I'd appreciate consideration for my blog:

INSIGHT on Freedom

bigdadgib Author Profile Page said:

My submit for Best Conservative Blog


realwest said:

HAS to be littlegreenfootballs at

Glen said:

Kate maybe Canadian but she has raised the bar in the Blogging world to anew hight

VW Author Profile Page said:

What the heck, I nominate me:

The Violence Worker


fernandes65 said:
Rush Is Right said:

Michelle Malkin

Barb said:

Chuck Z of From My Position.

Insolent Infidel said:

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Sharon said:


Harvey Dunning said:
James Fentress said:

Eternity Road

I'd like to nominate the above blog because it is one of the most insightful and intelligent blogs on the web. Every post is well thought out, and well written. I see so many wonderful blogs on my daily blogroll in the other nominations, but if I could only visit one, it would be this one.


Libba said:

I won't be shy (I'm doing this naked)!

DeMediacratic Nation

Scott said:
Flip said:
Clifton Teague said:

A most refreshing, young, dedicated GOP voice drives the blogging at I think he ran for NY State Senate seat. The lad should've won!

Please nominate my blog.


Baghuan said:

I think Flip Pidot is the best right leaning blogger around.

Matt said:

I think every major newspaper was checking out Flip 's coverage (Suitably Flip) of the Hsu scandal. Definitely worth a nod.

Bruce said:

Nominating Curmudgeons Corner,

Conservative, outspoken, sometimes profanely so:)

Mac said: is by far the best conservative blog. Author Profile Page said:

Ed Morrissey's Captain's Quarters:

Esma Babacan said:

The Van Der Galiën Gazette is one of the best blogs that is to be nominated. one can find good book reviews, interviews and political posts and analysis.

Esma Babacan said:

The Van Der Galiën Gazette is one of the best conservative blog with the great contributers and columnists.

Tom said:

The Van Der Galien Gazette

J.B. Author Profile Page said:
KS said: has done outstanding research on the entire Hsu financing scandal.

Jewish Guy said:

I would like to nominate The Rogue Jew.

Hell, I'm not modest.

Ankle Biting Pundits Author Profile Page said: Author Profile Page said:
pat79thst Author Profile Page said:

From the great City of Chicago - Iwish to nominate Hynes and Bulldog of . . .

W Dean said:
Insightful, witty and poignantly flip. Should win an award for his investigative work, particularly the Norman Hsu scandal, where he has scooped the prosecutors as well as the tree-killing media. Author Profile Page said:

Define "conservative". If you mean, old-line, fiscally, constitutionally, and intellectually conservative, the best by far is John Cole's Balloon juice:

However, if you want radically authoritarian, theocratically inclined and emotionally hysterical "conservatives" you must look elsewhere.

jnfr said:
capelza said:

John Cole at Balloon Juice. He is conservative. Tha his commentors often aren't is high praise. People of all political leanings go to John becuase he is sane and indenpendent. Liberals go to him because they are comforted to know that their are sane conservatives left.

Tim F said:

Andrew Sullivan annoys me half the time, but the other half he makes more sense than most conservatives on the internet. A Sullivan win would send a clear message that traditional conservatives want their movement back.

The Daily Dish

For reasons similar to the nomination of Balloon Juice, Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish deserves nomination.

IslamoLlama said:

The last great conservative blog left out there.

Rex said:

At least John Cole actually meets the definition of conservative.

Guav DNA Author Profile Page said:
Mr Furious Author Profile Page said:

I'll second (third) the Balloon Juice, and suggest Andrew Sullivan as well.

James Parker said:

I'll see your John Cole and Andrew Sullivan nominations and raise you with one for Gregory Djerjian at The Belgravia Dispatch:

It's nice to read conservatives who have remained conservative through this latest episode of Republican rule.

D.T. said:
George Sorwell said:
Mike P. said:

Another thankful American vote for John Cole's sanity. He and Sullivan are members of a dwindling club, unfortunately. Actual thinking conservatives.

theabomunist Author Profile Page said:

Balloon Juice for me, thanks.

JoeJoeJoe said:

Another vote for Balloon Juice

Balloon Juice

Jane2 said:

I nominate Balloon Juice because it's truly conservative, not some fringe hack job.

Tax Analyst said:

Yeah, Balloon Juice. John Cole's a fair-minded straight-shooter and had developed a keen eye for foolish BS and deserves recognition for actually APPLYING his conservative principles, not to mention having a very open policy toward allowing differing opinions to be expressed. It puts a lot of the others to shame in that regard. Sullivan's and his "Daily Dish" are usually pretty close to the mark these days in most areas and he's also an interesting read.

Note: I have no idea what to put in the "Score" area...maybe I missed something in the instructions, so I'll just leave it be.

BettyPageisaBlonde said:
Glenn said:

Balloon Juice. John gives fair commentary for all sides, a rare bird indeed.

maxbaer said:

Balloon Juice is the best true Conservative blog.

The one and only worth reading:

merlallen said:

Balloon-Juice is the best conservative blog

End the war on guns

"God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it."

If you love guns and support the 2nd Amendment show your support and vote to End the War on Guns.

thank you

Scruffy McSnufflepuss said:

Blogs 4 Brownback is the funniest conservative blog out there. Most honest, too.

StopHillary said:
Lightning_Fast_Draw said:

There are only a few good ones. I voted for Andrew S. last year so this yeas I've gotta go with John Cole @

Phillis said:
Janette said:

I vote for Murphy Klasing's Conservative Blog

It combines satire, current events and politics with a definite conservative slant. I am nominating myself--not out of arrogance (I'm not Al Gore) but because in our Free Enterprise system you've gotta make your own way. Ok, maybe I'm just arrogant. :)

I nominate Murphy Klasing's Conservative Blog at

It attempts to combine politics, current events (a little sports) with satire. I nominate myself-not out of arrogance (I'm not Al Gore) but because in our Free Enterprise system you gotta make your own way. (Okay that is silly-I'm just arrogant).



Bob said:

I nominate Leibowitz's Canticle at

Tom said:

I'd like to nominate Pauls Site:

His site combines true consivertism and dosen't leave out the social aspect.

Chris said:

Political commentary from a midwestern right wing conservative guy who happens to be Jewish. The author is a former Corrections Officer with the Michigan Dept of Corrections and worked for the Transportation Security Admin. Hard hitting commentary aimed at Liberals and Islamofacism.

Rich said:
Nigella said:

I nominate Little Green

Andrew said:

Ace of Spades HQ

Hail Charles, the Lizard King.

batyah said:

This is the most amazing blog on the internet today.

Daniel said:

A smart, well written, must read! I nominate this blog without reservation.

Commentary's new blog, contentions:


I don't recall seeing it nominated yet so let me hasten to rectify that oversight.

Publius' Forum

Warner Todd Huston and friends are top notch. Read and quoted by other bloggers and media, they deliver top quality content and insight on a daily basis.

Publius' Forum - Best Conservative Blog

Mark H. said:


M. Ram said:

Bring one home for Charles.

Tim F said:

Daniel Larison also has a generally excellent blog that deserves recognition:


Jollyjew said:

Little Green Footballs

the_guy said:

i nominate:

Joel's Trumpet -

Joe Gringo -

Joseph WarBicycle said:
Good Lt said:

Nice to see the John Cole/Balloon Juice liberals and Andrew liberals spammed the thread. Very Ron Paulish.

Saish said:

Keep doing what you are doing. Inspiration and education are the only words I can use.

With little embarassment, I also nominate my blog: The Douchebag Report -- Empowering the fight against insanity.


First of all, you gotta love the name. Next, you gotta love the cause -- exposing liars, thieves, and media / political elites that believe in the "do as I say, not as I do" way of life. is THE blog

The owner, Charles, and the LGF lizards community as a whole deserve to win this award hands down !

Lee P. said:
xdiesp said:

My personal nominations are...

FTW! By xdiesp

Not a Paul-bot said:

NewsBusters confronts liberal bias in the media and reports stories the MSM won't

Say Anything Blog--thoughtful, insightful and covers more than the hot topic of the day

Seraphic Secret--Shhh, there's a conservative screenwriter in Hollywood!

Dummie Funnies--best comedic mocking of the nutroots own comments that you'll find

Little Green Footballs:

Dana said:

It has to be (other than my own, of course!) Patterico's Pontifications

PSGInfinity said:

Wretchard's little site:

PSGInfinity said:
PSGInfinity said:
J.D. long Author Profile Page said:

And Rightly So!



and just because I could use the traffic . . .

Apocryphal EVIDENCE!

sheehanjihad said:
Bella Donna said:

A little saucy but right on entertaining conservative humor and insight. Topics that are discussed with an iconoclastic approach.

DJ said:

Check out this comprehensive site about current events from a patriotic American's perspective.
Made In The USA

Also, this site is a tribute to the United States Military and their families:
Thank You Troops

john bassett said:
Nice Deb said:

Ace Of Spades HQ

MitchM said:

Great personalities viewing the world through conservative eyes. Great appreciation of each other. Relaxed "sit on the porch and talk a spell" attitude. Feels like family that actually agrees most of the time.

Nice Deb said:

Absolute Moral Authority Author Profile Page said:

The place to be.
Especially if ya like to bash DU!

Alienated said:

The best blog of any stripe:

Commsguy said:

For candid and concise commentary I go to;

She has the ability to expose the soft underbelly of hypocrisy.

Texas Canuck said:

both classy places with lively hosts and debates.

RightGirl said:

Robert Wood said:
Jim said:

I would like to nominate in the Best Conservative Blog category.

Phillygirl said:

Great place for conservative discussion and liberal dissection.

Lauren said:

I nominate ConservativeUnderground for the Best Conservative Blog.

Brad said:

The Crossed Pond

Barely six months old, this political blog that spans both sides of the Atlantic has already been rated as one of the Top 100 Right-of-Centre blogs in England, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, The London Times, National Review, and others. A heavy emphasis on politics and specifically about the state of conservatism today, but it mixes it up more than you'd think.

Chris said:

The Moxaragon Group is a great blog. It's written by aliens that comment on the political scene. Their tag line is "Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you"

Funny as heck and a really well written conservative blog.

Carol said:

I nominate Beth at Blue Star Chronicles for this category.

Frank Norris said:

The best source of insightful political commentary you will find. Stands out among all the blogs for its depth, intelligence, and wit!

Frank Norris said:

Look no further for insightful conservative political commentary. This is the best blog by far!

Myron said:
ConservativeCelt said:

Randy said:

I'll nominate also.
It's your best source of DU watching, bar none.


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