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Greta Author Profile Page said:

Right Girl

This blog rocks!

Mike said:

Small Dead Animals ! Kate rules

Laurie said:

She's Canadian, she's hot and she's funny. As a single parent living in the armpit of the British Columbian need a sense of humor to survive.

mmc said:

Practical advice to assist parents and guardians of children with special needs in Nova Scotia with navigating the educational and community services systems.
A Primer on Special Needs and the Law

Tony said:

Computer Science Canada

A blog about the pursuit of Computer Science education in Canada.

Madison said:

Verbalized: Life + Thoughts + Commentary

Maureen said:

I'd Rather Be Blogging

Cas said:

I'd like to nominate Creampuff Revolution:

itlog95 said:
Marshall said:
Saskboy said:

I guess I'll nominate myself with others of my frequent reads who hasn't been nominated yet.

Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy


Scott's DiaTribes

tommyboy said:

djinbc said:
Caroline said:

Kate at Small Dead Animals - nobody else even comes close!! Author Profile Page said:
TJ said:

Small Dead Animals

Grandad said:

Best served daily. Author Profile Page said:
Rod said:

Kate, "Small dead Animals"

richfisher said:

Nominate or second

The one and only political voice in Canada used to be brainwashed anti-American, socialist, PC dogma, dressed up in a liberal flasher raincoat, with taped on pantlegs.

Than smalldeadanimals came along...

Kate is only about 1/3 of the way through, saving Canada; is there an online award for that?

Kevin said:
Gay and Right. No one covers men's issues better.

Atric said:
The Best!!!

JackM said: +2

Commsguy said:

It has to be Kate at;

None of the vitriol and BS of the left, runs a clean site and allows the trolls to comment until they step over the decency line.

Sam Solomon said:

Canadian Medicine

Celina said:

Caledonia Wake Up Call

Better and more detailed coverage of occupation and multi-tiered justice and law enforcement in Ontario, than all Canadain media and on-line blogs combined. The detail, facts, and massive amount of information and work speaks for itself.
Nothing more relevant and timely. Nothing compares to this site.

Even Small Dead Animals web site & weblog no longer "links" to the facts and truth of what is happening in Ontario. :-(

Jim in Calgary said:

Hands down, Kate at Small Dead Animals. GO KATE!!!

Grandad said:

Addendum to Best served daily. Small Dead Animals

Sean S. said:

Matthew Good (
Raymi (

RightGirl said:

Denis said:

Angry in the Great White North

Texas Canuck said:

not that there ever was any question in my mind.

Gen. Lee Wright said:

Small Dead Animals

Intelligent, insightful, and witty. Better than half of the guest bloggers are good too.

ScottInRMH said:
BB said:

Without a doubt, Kate rates right at the top:

Greig in MB said:

A few I read daily and really enjoy.

Small Dead Animals - YES! Can't imagine a day without Kate!

Proud to Be Canadian - Right On! Gutsy and oh so truthful!

The Canadian Sentinel

Climbing Out of the Dark

Frank MacDonald said:

A few good Canadian sites

Small Dead Animals


Jack's News Watch

Angry in the great White North

bob said:

Small Dead Animals and
Dust My Broom
5 Feet of Fury

Robert Jago said:

Damian Penny -

and of course SDA. Coin toss, either or.

Dr.Dawg said:

Why, who else?

Dr.Dawg's Blawg, colourful fair and balanced.

The Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Investments Blog

Bolshevik said:

BY far
clearly most freewheeling politics on the planet

The Mayor said:

MAD is correct, Mitchieville is by far, the best.

All original material, 4000 posts in 3 years.

Send Fenris money.

ron in kelowna said:

sda is receiving more nominations than some blogs get in votes !!

The trail of roadkill is becoming messy;
Chretien, Dion, Martin, Strong, Gore, Suzuki, Fife, Oliver, Boag, ...

Gary said:
Mark said:

Long live The Mayor! (And send Fenris money.)

Jema 54 said:

I have four nominations: Small Dead Animals, Angry in the Great White North, Shotgun and Jack's Newswatch.
Kate's sda is the best of the best, in my opinion.

Big Al said:

The insanity to sanity. :~)

Fenris Badwulf said:


the Mayor and his minons do a good job of fighting against the collectivist hordes


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