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Please consider my blog for this category:
Thoughts of a Regular Guy


- Paul

Jessica Author Profile Page said:
Felicia said:

I would like to nominate Freelance Writing Jobs for best blog. Not only does Deborah Ng post leads for us freelancers every day, but she leads us into some great discussions. Check out her blog and you'll see ever post gets major amounts of comments. Plus she's just a nice lady.

crossflow Author Profile Page said:

Pick me pick me.

Bazzy Boy - Racing Legend of Sorts

Terrell Author Profile Page said:

Brave Humans makes a real effort at doing what the blogosphere ought to do: provide a polite town meeting for debate of all sorts of ideas. This blog discusses civilly all those issues that blogs are famous for treating with everything except civility. The posters include liberals, moderates, and conservatives and some folks who are hard to pigeonhole. It deserves real consideration. Check it out.

SJBill Author Profile Page said:

She's a powerhouse. Funny. Inciscive.
You do not need much more to get through the day than Michele's blog.

Did I mention cute? ;-)

donna said:

I nominate Deb Ng at Freelance Writing Jobs.

sapauljoseph Author Profile Page said:

They're the best Bloggers I've ever seen.

Micah said:

Deb has numerous job leads for freelancer writers each day and posts superior content on all aspects of the freelance world.

Sabrina said:

My quest for the 10000 names of the Goddess.

benning said:

Sister Toldjah

One of my daily reads. Can't miss it!

William the Coroner said:

Please consider this one:

Live blogging of the unlimited hydroplane racing circuit.

RSS Feed:

Ben Author Profile Page said:

Please consider my blog on Walsall FC for this award. Many thanks and good luck to all other nominees.

Michelle Malkin is hard working and her blog is a must read daily.

NJ Voices: Joel Schwartzberg

Award-winning essayist plucks the funniest and most thoughtful moments and phenomenon from Garden State Culture...and makes them even more funny and thoughtful. The best thing ever written by a smart guy with a twelve-letter last name, but hey, that's just me.

Elena said:
Elena said:

Little Green Footballs

Boo said:

List Of The Day rules!!!

The Moderate Voice

Captain's Quarters

skippy the bush kangaroo

Sadly, No

Crooks & Liars

Avedon Carol's The Sideshow

Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory

Lurvenevafails Author Profile Page said:

Check out:

Films of my emotional fragments, life and memories:

MommyMD Author Profile Page said:

Mommy MD: A Guide to Realistic Parenting

Check out the perspective of a pediatrician mom who is living the dream however overwhelming it may be at times. Juggling a career and raising kids in a realistic way. Reminding ourselves to savor the little moments. They're gone too fast...



Jesper said:
JANICE. said:

Choose THIS blog for Best Blog Awards! :D

visit it to know more! :D

renee said:

this blog :

is super interesting and well-written!
this blog should win!

Tarheel said:

I nominate my favorite blog Confederate Yankee.

Alex Nunez said:

The Sheila Variations

The Sea Dreamer Author Profile Page said:

Here is the man who speaks truth to power; who hurls shafts of pure reason at phalanxes of mendacity and infamy; who uses wit and sarcasm to unmask pretension, obfuscation and arrogant presumption.

This is the type of man to whom Nietzsche said:

Break up, break up, the tables of 'the good and the just'.

Michael Rivero. give the world another heart
And other pulses.

johnny said:

One of the best sites on the web. True.Informative.

Joseph Pennington said:
Heather Dean Caine said:
ratdodwillie said:
Fred's Friend said:
Fred's Friend said:
drumblebum said:

While the MSM was busy kissing the rears of the powers-that-be... when the American public needed THE TRUTH... Mike Rivero was there to tell it like it was. This man pulls no punches and his dedication to what is right seems to have no limits. Breaking news and powerful, informative, enlightening and decidedly non-partisan commentary about what goes on in the world. has, and will continue to make a positive difference.

THVA said:

The Best one i can find. Thanks.

Aakash said:

I think it was the first year of your contest (2003), that this nomination worked out... It's time I think, that it be given a chance again - especially with all that has happened, since then: Blog

Ziggy da Silva said:
Gaius said:
Rex said:

The 2 ladies at Southern Sass

Chris Author Profile Page said:

Best bleepin' Blog to

The only site on the net for unvarnished news of note.
Maybe controversial ALWAYS Informative

noel said:

Just the facts & a geat sense of humor

Stan said:

Stan strenuously nominates Suitably Flip.   (Opti-grabbing it)

Mark Author Profile Page said:

The Bull Speaks!
A Disabled American Veteran who says what he means and means what he says. Even if you disagree. (Ain't Freedom grand?)

Adrian Author Profile Page said:


This blog shows my fight against two types of leukaemia and includes footgage of my bone marrow transplant.


All the best to all,


realwest said:

Definitely the Best Blog of all is littlegreenfootballs

Caleb said:

I would like to nominate for Best Blog


Margaret said: is the best political blog on the planet. I'm not kidding you.

I would also propose Mike Rivero as a political humorist.

me said:

The best blog out there!!!!!!

Gmo said:

Crotchety Old Bastard dot com.

Keith Cash Author Profile Page said:

Making Cents-Sense in Technology Business Internet and Marketing

TransGriot is a blog that covers transgender issues and myriad other subjects from an African-American transperson's perspective

indala said:

Funny, sad, honest. Real.

DC Cab Rider Author Profile Page said:

Little Green Footballs - my must read blog!

Joanna Frazier said:

I'd like to nominate MGR Z at for best blog


Joanna, Soldiers' Angels

Libba Author Profile Page said:

The best Israeli blog!

Israel Matzav

me said:

Crooks and Liars rocks..

However, I also like my little piece of the sphere called

A Loyal Reader said:

I nominate From My Position... On the Way

Denver Hamilton said:

As a lover of all things New York and Republican, I always get my fix at An outstanding blog with a witty style and profound analysis.

Please vote for my blog,


Baghuan said:

I nominate Flip as the greatest blogger in the bloggoverse.

Matt Author Profile Page said:

The uber-clever titles alone make it a contender: Suitably Flip

I'll nominate myself too...why not!

Kimi Raikkonen Space - The best fan blog for all supporters of the Fastest F1 Driver

Rachel C said:

Absolutely the best blog ever:

Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper
Crystal McKnob

Sweet Dee said:

I nominate It's the only blog I read.

Tom said:

The Van Der Galien Gazette

Paul Mungall said:

If you want fun, intellect, and wit, Suitably Flip is the spot-on blog to read to follow Hsu info and lefty gaffs.

westius Author Profile Page said:

The Mr Science Show - A refreshing look at the science around us

Andrea said:

KS said: is witty, sardonic and bulls-eye accurate. His work on Norman Hsu put the NYC newspapers to shame!

Right Wing Nuthouse:

NC Cop said:

I'd like to nominate the fabulous Sister Toldjah! for best blog:

Johnny Author Profile Page said:

I nominate MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi.

elizabeth Duff said:

I nominate

I am an old newspaper reporter and I have never seen anyone not directly involved with investigative reporting for a news organization generate the kind of major national story suitablyflip has done with Norman Hsu. He beat the Wall Street Journal (which stole shamelessly from him) and every major news organization in the country. Not once, but repeatedly. He has become the "talk" of newspaper editors. His information was so important that the SEC studied his blog for THEIR purposes. He even beat them.
Moreover, his prose is remarkable. It is far better than most, standard journalistic prose.
He is unique. Suitablyflip has style and substance that the best news organizations in the country cannot match.
A pajama clad hobbiest beats everyone--that is worth a prize!

steveegg Author Profile Page said:

Mary Katharine Ham (can't find a separate feed for just MKH's blog)

Again, a shameless plug for our blog:

Ankle Biting Pundits

Best mix of posts and commentary anywhere: Sister Toldjah

oohl1, a.k.a. GWR

pat79thst said:

I nominate
. . . With Both Hands

Eric Novak said:

I nominate The Voice of Experience - wisdom from the best book around.

John F said:

I nominate Main And Central

Deborah Author Profile Page said:

Darfur: An Unforgivable Hell

carol Author Profile Page said:

Shakespeare's Sister

W Dean said:
Insightful, witty and poignantly flip. Should win an award for his investigative work, particularly the Norman Hsu scandal, where he has scooped the prosecutors as well as the tree-killing media.

theonlycarebear said:

I nominate The Wonder Women:

Every week these four women take a new topic and turn it on its ear. They're spirited, funny and intelligent. These women make the site very fun and addictive!

Ursa Mumble said:

Best Blog ever....continues to amaze and astound

We shamelessly nominate ourselves, as one of the most original (and insightful) blogs on military, intelligence and national security issues. Not to mention the occasional post on Michael "Ookie" Vick and other Idiots of the Week.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

alan said:

Pam's House Blend

Nina said:

Ankle Biting Pundits

Sameera Author Profile Page said:

Kabir's Hood

Feed url :

Read me,know me!

Sameera Author Profile Page said:

Sameera's Haven

Feed url :

Enter The Haven, Be Rejuvenated

Chad S said:

I would like to nominate my favorite blog:

Kabir Author Profile Page said:

Kabir's Hood

Kabir Author Profile Page said:

Sameera's Haven

Tax Analyst Author Profile Page said:

Well, as I said over in the "Conservative Blog" category, John Cole's Balloon Juice is the most interesting and fair-minded blog that I've seen.

ConservativelyLiberal said:

My favorite non-koolaid drinking conservative site:

Excellent, no holds barred political discussion...

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

NewsBusters, with its in-depth exposure of media bias is definitely the BEST Blog.

Sandhya said:

Hi! I can't log in no matter what I do.. so i am going to just nominate things anonymously.

I have two nominations.

Boobs, injuries and Dr Pepper

Blues Over Troubled Waters

Sandhya Menon

wally said:

good blogger, intelligent readers, great comments:

Winter Patriot

Katie said:

I'd like to nominate:


Both are consistently excellent [and funny]!

Julia said:

I'd like to nominate my favorite tech blog for Best Blog:


DrEvil Author Profile Page said:

I'd like to nominate

Kris said:

I love Crystal's blog. It's hilarious and brilliant.

PC said:

A blog about the 700+ Florida springs.

robin Author Profile Page said:

The BEST and most comprehensive blog on all things Haditha...

Wyvren said:

The best read ever. Thanks to her a lot of the bad that has happend to me the past year hasnt seem so bad and thanks to her i have learnt to laugh again

I'd like to nominate my blog for best blog.

Elect Romney in 2008


The reason that I would like to nominate my blog is because it's been the most active and had the longest presence in the Mitt Romney blogosphere. It began back in June of 2005 well before the frenzy of the 2008 Presidential election season began. I believe that in large part (internet wise anyway) it's been a big reason why Mitt Romney has the stature he does as a Presidential candidate. The site has also achieved some great Google and Alexa ranking, and at one point it had more traffic than any other Republican potential Presidential candidate blog (official or non-official) with the exception of a blog for Newt Gingrich.(The Very Model Of A Modern Major General?) I've very proud of what I have been able to achieve with it. I'm also very proud of everyone that contributes to it, it's definitely been something that's come from the heart!

Carol H said:
Best Blog by far out there!!

Ann said:
Jake WIillingham said:

I'm a fan of Laurie Kendrick's blog. Fascinating. Funny, poignant, thought provoking. It runs the gamut and her writing is inspired. I think it's very much an art form in and of itself.

ooops forgot the feed address!


Cas said:
Cas said:

I'd like to nominate Creampuff Revolution:

Kevin said:

A self-nomination for Lowering the Bar, a legal-humor blog that is probably funnier than you think a legal-humor blog would be.

Kevin said:

A nomination for Lowering the Bar, a legal-humor site that is probably funnier than you are expecting a legal-humor site to be.

Tom said:

I'd like to nominate Pauls Site:

His site is the Best!

Jane said:
Emon said:

Food or not, she has the best blog!

Pinch My Salt

Joe Scully said:

I nominate this great blog:

Anti-Racist Blog: Exposing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on American College Campuses

This blog is dedicated to documenting credible reports of anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism at colleges and universities. Its mission is to educate people about this alarming phenomenon, and to work towards finding a solution. Topics discussed on this site include: anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist incidents; professors; student groups; scholarly work; academic programs; as well as terrorist groups, extremists and intolerant ideologies that fuel hatred against Jews and Israel supporters on campus.

Andrew said:

Ace of Spades HQ

Baffled by Hate said:

Little Green Footballs

Great community, great management, first class home grown coding.

If Charles doesn't win this award I'll nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Just A Grunt said:

LGF has already gotten a mention.
For all of the news on Iraq and Afghanistan that you are not hearing about by and for the men and women who are actually on the ground or have been on the ground I noiminate
The Mudville Gazette

And for the Best All Around Blog I nominate Hot Air

Dave said:

Little Green Footballs

Lindsay said:

Rosie O'Donnell's Blog

Boghie said:

'The Belmont Club' has to be nominiated. Wretchard's site contains information and commentary second to none. Who else defined the 'River War' strategy used by the Marine Corps in al-Anbar. And, who can forget 'The Three Conjectures'.

'The Belmont Club'

Very, very honorable mentions to:
The Stratasphere - AJ Strata
Back Talk - Engram
The Anchoress

All of which Fernandez (Wretchard) linked - and, hence I found.

Lindsay Author Profile Page said:

Rosie O'Donnell's Blog

Lane said:

Blogs For Fred Thompson

Jollyjew said:

Little Green Footballs

Pat said:

Without a doubt the best blog is...

In From the Cold

Red said:

Little Green Footballs

Word Around the Net:

Joseph WarBicycle said:
Earl said:

Lucy Samuels said:

Little Green Footballs !!

NappieRed Author Profile Page said:

Charles is THE BEST & I believe set the standard across blogs:

NappieRed Author Profile Page said:

oops - think I did that wrong the 1st time...

Charles is THE BEST & I believe set the standard across blogs:

MordecaiWW - you got the link wrong! is THE blog !

The owner, Charles, and the LGF lizards community as a whole deserve to win this award hands down !

Lee P. said: is THE best blog on the planet, hands down!

Please consider this blog for best religious blog.

I nominate my own blog.

The Free Business Advice, Free Email Consulting Service and Business Success Partner Program.

Jeff Clark said:

I want to nominate :

they have the best sports news, the best insite and analysis and the best writers on the internet. THey are my competition, but I don't mind admitting when I've been bested.

Perk is a Beast - the Beastliest blog going

Just Cirroc said:

Hot Air

MLR said:

I nominate Tammy Bruce ( and Babalu (

Zaphod said:

Larry said:

Little Green Footballs

Come on Later said:
Phil said:
Ashter said:

Little Green Footballs and/or Faith Freedom

Katherine Asjes said:

I vote for:

What does the prayer really say?

Jean said:

The best of the best ... All truth be told

Bob1 said:

I nominate Headmistress Sondra

Bohica said:

SondraK, Knowledge Is Power...

Restored my faith in humanity..

The Admins and regular contributers are the finest group of people I know.

Melissa In Texas Author Profile Page said:

Knowledge is Power rules!

Pat said:

I agree with Melissa in Texas.

Bluey said:

The blog the entire western world needs to read on a daily basis:

john bassett said:
Marcus said:

The bestest blog ever;

Know the Truth. Visit this site.

CSK said:

The sanest, most reasonable and consistently accurate voice on the net.

Captain's Quarters

Good luck Capt.

Mike said:

The Presurfer is Your Daily Dose of Diversion. A weblog about the weird, unusual, funny, strange and informative sites that can be found on the Internet.

Kees Ketsing said:

Sallie said:

I just like to share everything on my blog so please consider me for this nomination..

TJ said:

Small Dead Animals

Mike in White Rock said:

I'd nominate two separate blogs:

Small Dead Animals

Jack's Newswatch

Both a well-written, informative, humorous, and worthwhile.

Mike in White Rock

MordecaiWW Author Profile Page said:

Great Blog.

Paul said:

Florida Springs
A blog dedicated to the 700+ springs located throughout Florida and those rivers that are spring-fed.

I'm sorry I can't find her feed.

Very creative blog.

Commsguy said:

Kate is excellent at;

Alienated Author Profile Page said:

By far the best, most incisive and popular blog on the Canadian scene:

A must-read daily with the morning coffee; points to ponder for the day!

Randi19 Author Profile Page said:

Great website with humor, pictures, political rants, personal stories - plus a subscribable "Website Wednesday" section.

Well worth a look see!

Jim Thompson said:

Caledonia Wake Up Call

All the information, facts and details you can take about multi-tier justice and law enforcement in Ontario, and never ending occupation.

Even Small Dead Animals can not touch the details of content, information and facts and no longer "links" to this site. :-(

johnny jesus said:

one vote for http//

Echo said:

My pick is

Gen. Lee Wright said:

Small Dead Animals

(Very) local, national, and international blogging.

This is an intelligent blog which has received acclaim even overseas. Kate has broken many stories with her humble blog and I'm sure ever-increasing number of sources.

Hope it makes the short list at least!

ann said:
Tom M. said:

Knowledge is Power

Robert Wood said:
what's a blog? said:
Gautam said:

Blog Title: Broken Projector
Blog URL:


Susan Lee said:

Best Blog ever. Use it for my Home.

TheJaeh said:
U can raise your visits of this form. Jajaja!
I'm TheJaeh...

Jajaja U' can raise your visits of this form.
I'm the Jaeh and this is my gallery...
(girls, don't open)!

Richard said:

Jeff I said:

Medgadget med tech blog:

Myself said:
Frank Norris said:

Best blog ever! My first source for insightful political commentary.

sonja said:
Myron Author Profile Page said:
Scot Herrick said:

I'd nominate Successful Blog:

MordecaiWW Author Profile Page said:


MordecaiWW Author Profile Page said:
RANTIDOTE Author Profile Page said:


Journal Revolution


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