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crossflow Author Profile Page said:

This is the home of Bazzy Boy the all Australian legendary racehorse. He is one mighty fine steed without a doubt and renowned for his high speed and steadfast manner. Nothing ever phases Bazz except maybe the bags of death with worms hanging out of their bums, the horse eating pygmies (Children) and the occasional Satans Puppy wandering around the property.

He declares with enthusiasm that DRESSAGE IS GAY!!!! His common retort to anything physical is a simple BOLLOX!!! and if he can get out of actually doing anything, he's a happy horse.

Bazzy's Blog is a mix of his observations around his 20 acre paddock which he shares with Nobby the woofty coloured no knackers shortarse, Jacko the Spacko with the heart on his arse, Taffy Boy, The White Thing and his beloved filly girlfriend Cherry.

Written by Bazz himself (Honest) The blog is if you pardon the pun, straight from the horses mouth.

Here is just a small taste of Bazz's Feedback

I laughed so hard I bust a rib

OMG I just sprayed coffee all over my desk

Someone from the office just called an ambulance I was laughing so hard

Oh great now I have pee'd myself, thanks Bazz

That is the funniest website I have ever seen, period, good on ya Bazzy

God your a hopeless horse Bazz LOL

crossflow Author Profile Page said:

Opps I thought the web address would appear on the comment, guess not :)

Bazzy Boy website

I nominate the Australian blogger Gandhi, of

Howard Out

feed here

Ang Bagiotas said:

Aussie racing legend of sorts - Bazzy Boy, is fast becoming an equine celebrity, but not for the usual reasons. He hasn’t won any big races, but his website, is attracting plenty of attention. Bazz reckons that as a result he’s now got a chance of a hot date with his Ms Perfect – three time Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva!

Just like Paris Hilton, Bazz’s claim to fame is he’s a good looking, photogenic steed, who regularly gets up to no good. He qualifies for the ‘A’ list simply because he possesses a famous lineage - his Grandsire Danehill’s service fee was AU$600,000!!

Bazz is a sensitive soul, prone to taking fright, much to the amusement of his fans...just have a look at his Scary Stuff page for some insights. Many of his equine friends are featured on his Hot to Trot page – where they have posted up their gorgeous selves for Bazz’s feedback. After all, it really does matter what a celebrity horse thinks of you doesn’t it?

nehring1 Author Profile Page said:

I would like to nominate Its a Matter of Opinion:

The Sea Dreamer said:

I nominate the very best Australian blogger, Mike Hitchen of ionglobaltrends, whose fight for truth and justice in the case of Madeleine McCann has resonated around the world, and made Sydney, in the eyes of his many followers and admirers, a byword for decency, integrity, guts and honour.

This blog might sound techie, but Laurel is a great communicator of web life & has a built a great (diverse) community of readers.

(her lead)
Laurel Papworth - Online Communities - Australia and Global

Online Communities are changing the way our society interacts, at a local, Australian and global level. Participatory journalism and user generated content provide us with the mechanism to observe, record and dissect the changes. Interesting times bring interesting discussions - the DIALOGUE is the CONTENT!

Website name:
Site URL:
Site Feed:

Name: The Chic Girl's Guide to Rugby


info: Chic is a mad rugby supporter, is more knowlegable than most commentators, but also manages to weave in what to wear, where to stay & other feminine concerns about watching rugby, like Dan Carter's skills.

Name: Cat's Experiment

info: A single 40 yr old Sydney girl, who was involved in a TV science program on flirting.... That & this seems like a great place to expel evil thoughts about boys, work & life.

Name; Man of Lettuce

info:Welcome to Adrian Neylan's cablog of taxi stories; plus news and current affairs.

Buffy said:

I nominate the "ASK SAM" blog on the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers, written by journalist Samantha Brett.

ASK SAM: Sex, dating and relationships

With over 600 comments some days, the discussion is unlike anything I've ever seen before.


Kate said:

Mike Hitchen

i on Global Trends

An excellent, intelligent blog that has allows reasoned debate about Madeleine Mccann and her parents as well as regular thought provoking posts about current world events.


Scots Gran said:

I nominate Mike Hitchin of ionglobaltrends, his blog is administered in an extremely safe, civilised, decent and honourable manner and is an example of just how a blog should be run... A
testament to Mike himself.

Elizabeth said:

Mike Hitchen consistently writes to such a high standard - his blog is informative, entertaining and extremely popular. Furthermore, given the amount of people who support him by visiting his blog on a daily basis, Mike takes the time and trouble to welcome each and every individual and even notices if just one is absent for a couple of days. A truly wonderful man, an inspiration to many, and VERY deserving of this accolade.

Dos K said:
Dos K said:
Palice said:

The After Grog Blog

Tony T has been providing informed, funny entertainment for 5 or 6 years. He deserves some recognition after all this time.

Palice said:

While we are nominating people here, can I just make a suggestion to the people who are going to nominate Tim Blair....don't.

The guy wins every year, lets give him a life time achievement award and give some other people a chance, or nominate him in the "best blog" award.


Kevin Aylward Author Profile Page said:

I won't dispute that he's had a stranglehold on the award in the past, but for the record he didn't win last year...

Palice said:

Ahhhhh yes....I believe he came second to another journalist blogger......

westius said:

The Mr Science Show - A refreshing look at the science around us

girly said:

I would like to nominate

because she is funny and also can make me cry. She is really a wonderful person.

How could you forget the queen of the Aussie blogosphere?


Herman Wurth Author Profile Page said:
Dave said:

I'd like to nominate Freedom to Differ (the blog from the blogger who organised the Australian Blogging Conference) -

Gordon said:
dinosaur said:

Tim Blair love his laid back insightful devastating humour.

bob said:

Tim Blair
Andrew Boult

debjoh said:

The Family Room Australia for their daily blogs focusing on family, relationships and communities. Both with the blogspot, and in their accompanying podcasts, these girls tackle the tough issues of family life in a down-to-earth and often humorous way.

Whacking Day
(can't find the feed)

James said:

SLOz - Australia's only dedicated Second Life news blog:


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