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Over the next 24 hours we will be closing nominations for most categories. This is a manual process so it takes a while to complete. As long as a category allows you to enter a comment (which is how you submit a nomination) then nominations for that category are still open. The "+" rating of nominees will remain open throughout the awards.

A select few categories may be left open for a few extra days where the number of nominations is low. If there are categories left open we'll provide direct links to them in an update to this entry.

Finalist will be announced the last week of October and voting starts Nov. 1, 2007. Keep watching this page for news and information leading up to the voting period and make plans to join us at the awards ceremony at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nov. 8.




Please consider my new blog Reverse Turkey in the best new blog and business blog area.

Reverse Turkey was established to provide tips, commentary and no-bull advice on business and life.

A mixture of tongue in cheek writing and hard hitting comments occurring in our world.


Reverse Turkey.

damn it...this is in the wrong area isn't it?


I just saw the new blog nominations and the comments seem to be closed... But i would like to have my blog nominated for the best new blog category.

Well here is the url :
and here is the feed :

It would be great if my request was considered in the best new blog category.

Alfredo said:

can my blog > still join?

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

So if we are a winner we won't find out until just about a day before the awards ceremony in Las Vegas? I mean I would like to go to that ceremony IF the DUmmie FUnnies win as the FUnniest blog but I wouldn't find out until just before the ceremony. That wouldn't give much time preparation to be coronated Emperor of all the FUnnie Blogospheres. Coronation to be performed by an Elvis impersonator.

I don't think you'll win pjcomix.....cos Reverse Turkey...will.....!! LOL!!

Kelly said:

I'd love to nominate the New Jersey Law Blog ( they have great information on so many topics. And great links to other resources and podcasts embedded into the pages. It's a really great resource for almost any sort of legal advice you'd need.

Eric Author Profile Page said:

A Constrained Vision

This is the most intelligent, cultured, and interesting blog available.

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

So, Kelly, you want me to nominate the New Jersey Law Blog as the FUnniest Blog?

PJ: That's because they already know who's gonna win and who the finalists are. You think they would award people across 49 categories and not have at least some of them there? How else would they make money for their expo? No "regular" blogger would go to the expo unless they either a)are complete full time bloggers (and i mean do nothing else but blog for a living - i.e. Dooce, Perez Hilton, etc) b) Are going to get recognized among their peers.

Plus do you really think the voting committee will have enough time to fairly vote on every blog in each category before the awards ceremony?

Think about it...they have a week to select finalists after nomination time has ended. Then they have a week of voting before the expo.

Sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me.

All it becomes is a traffic driver to the site for a few days by giving people "hope" that they'll be selected as a finalists.

And I'm not saying this out of jealousy either. I like the awards concept and think it does bring awareness to the smaller bloggers out there. I'd just like to see the process done fairly.


pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

Chris---I don't buy the "fix is in" theory. However, it would be tough for me to campaign for votes AND go to Las Vegas for the ceremony IF the DUmmie FUnnies win. I'm hoping to at the last minute IF the DUFUs win to somehow get a casino to comp me my travel and room. Of course, I am already thinking WAY too ahead of the curve. First there is the "little matter" of winning.

Peter said:

Nominating ... for best conservative blog ..

Linzi Author Profile Page said:

Hi! I just came across your site when a friend of mine told me today... I see I might have missed nominations. If you could still consider my site for
Best Canadian Blog
Best Celebrity Blog
Best Gossip Blog

It would really be appreciated! :) Take Care

Gaurav said:

Just got to this site and saw the nomination closed. Would like to nominate my blog in the best food blog category:

If you could still consider my site, it will be appreciated. Thanks.


I'm obviously very late, but it's worth trying :)

Could my blog
still be considered for the best Middle East or Africa blog? Or the Best New blog?

Thank you :)

Wilson said:

Nominating for :

- Best Parenting Blog
- Best Asian Blog

Our Everyday Thing

I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank the academy for this heartwarming nomination and all the fucking spam and shitfelt lottery winning notifications i've received in response to this great fucking honor. I love you all. Especially my mother, who's total indifference led to my insatiable need for humor and substance abuse. I have so many others to thank, but ... well, i'm just so choked up with regurgitation. I'm just all Jimmy Hendrix'd. (weep, weep) Thank you. Thank you.

steveegg Author Profile Page said:

Don't worry, PJ. Between Charles and me (well, mainly with Charles), the pimping will be taken care of.

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

Thanx, Steve. This is the third try for the DUmmie FUnnies but, as they say, the third time is a charm (I hope). Right now I am a NERVOUS WRECK awaiting the announcement of the finalists. Waiting, waiting, WAITING...

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