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Here is a complete list of the finalists for The 2007 Weblog Awards. Finalists badges (hosted by Imageshack) will be available Thursday. Voting is scheduled to begin Thursday evening. Links are being added to this listing, it's just lower priority than getting the poll links all finished...

I'd like to thank my team of volunteers who helped look through the thousands and thousands of nominations to come up with, in my opinion, the best top to bottom slate of finalists we've ever had. Even the new categories feature strong slates. I'm really happy with the mix in the international categories and the topic area categories where we were able to get a good selection of sub-genres in a particular category. Thanks first and foremost goes to Weblog Award readers who did an excellent job nominating, but the work the my judging crew did was really outstanding thankless work. Cheers to them!

Note: Best Blog, Best Liberal Blog, and Best Conservative Blog originally had 12 entries each. We thought that our new polls would support more than 10 finalists, but we've had to revert to the 10 finalist limit. They six finalists removed were moved into their respective ecosystem categories as finalists.

Best Blog

  • Michelle Malkin

  • Huffington Post

  • RawStory

  • TownHall

  • Andrew Sullivan

  • Captain's Quarters

  • The Presurfer

  • Gawker

  • Boing Boing

  • PostSecret

Best New Blog

  • deputydog

  • Fussypants

  • Adeline and Hazel

  • Nice Deb

  • Mrs. Furious

  • Commentary Contentions


  • Jammie Wearing Fool

  • Calling America

  • NJ Voices: Joel Schwartzberg

Best Individual Blogger

  • The Anchoress

  • Mike Hitchen - I On Global Trends

  • Majikthise

  • Deborah Ng - Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Richie - Oblogitory

  • Peter Black - Peter Black's Freedom to Differ

  • Rosemary Rowe - Creampuff Revolution

  • Flip - Suitably Flip

  • Glenn Reynolds - InstaPundit

  • Laura Freberg - Laura's Psychology Blog

Funniest Blog

  • Jon Swift

  • Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper

  • DUmmie FUnnies

  • Sadly, No!

  • The Lawsons Do Dallas!

  • i am bossy

  • Laurie Kendrick

  • The Nose On Your Face

  • The Sneeze

  • The Hatemonger's Quarterly

Best Comic Strip

  • Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius

  • Day By Day - Chris Muir

  • My Extra Life by Scott Johnson

  • PvP Online

  • Penny Arcade

  • Attack

  • Least I could do

  • Sluggy Freelance

  • xkcd

  • Basic Instructions

Best Online Community
Add to any feed reader  DailyKos
Add to any feed reader  Little Green Footballs
Add to any feed reader  Fark
Add to any feed reader  BlogHer
Add to any feed reader  9rules
Add to any feed reader  Slashdot
Add to any feed reader  Groklaw
Add to any feed reader  My Left Wing
Add to any feed reader  Television Without Pity

Best Liberal Blog

  • Hullabaloo

  • Think Progress

  • Shakesville

  • Pandagon

  • skippy the bush kangaroo

  • Orcinus

  • Firedoglake

  • Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory

  • Talking Points Memo

  • Feministing

Best Conservative Blog

  • Say Anything

  • Sister Toldjah

  • Right Wing News

  • Ankle Biting Pundits

  • Captain's Quarters

  • Michelle Malkin

  • Ace of Spades HQ

  • The Belmont Club

  • Powerline

  • Newsbusters

Best Political Coverage
Ben Smith
At Largely
Connecticut Local Politics
It's not a democracy, it's a conspiracy
The MountainGoat Report
Foreign Policy Watch
The Campaign Spot
The Crossed Pond
Extreme Mortman

Best Celebrity Blog

  • Ross Matthews

  • Rosie O'Donnell

  • Kanye West

  • Mark Cuban

  • Donald Trump

  • Jenna Fischer

  • Curt Schilling

  • Gilbert Arenas

  • Wil Wheaton

  • John Mayer

Topic Area Categories

Best Technology Blog
Smashing Magazine
Tech Rivet
The Apple Blog

Best Sports Blog
On The DL
Kissing Susy Kolber
Express & Star
On Frozen Blog
Every Day Should Be Saturday
F1 Fanatic
The Hardball Times
SB Nation

Best Military Blog

  • Blackfive

  • Michael Yon

  • The Long War Journal


  • American Soldier

  • Jeff Emanuel

  • Badgers Forward

  • The Sandbox

  • Army of Dude

  • SpouseBuzz

Best Law Blog

  • Above the Law

  • How Appealing

  • Volokh Conspiracy

  • Sui Generis

  • Balkinization

  • Simple Justice

  • Wall Street Journal Law Blog

  • SCOTUS Blog

  • Likelihood Of Confusion

  • Ms JD Changing the Face of the Legal Profession

Best Business Blog

  • DreamHost Blog

  • BizzyBlog

  • The Club for Growth:

  • SEI Design Group Blog

  • Evil HR Lady

  • ValleyWag

  • Kudlow's Money Politics

  • The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid (Donald Luskin)

  • Problogger

  • Black In Business

Best LGBT Blog

  • Republic of T

  • Pam's House Blend

  • Joe My God

  • Gay Patriot

  • Average Gay Joe

  • Susie Bright's Journal

  • The Bilerico Project

  • Keith Boykin

  • Fetch me my axe

  • Mombian

Best Parenting Blog

  • Antique Mommy

  • Notes from the Trenches

  • Bub and Pie

  • Amalah

  • LookyDaddy

  • finslippy

  • Hollywood Flakes

  • Dad Gone Mad

  • "I think this world is perfect..."

  • Postcards from the Mothership

Best Education Blog

  • The Jose Vilson

  • Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

  • Frumteacher

  • Hobo Teacher

  • NYC Educator

  • Education Week

  • Matthew K. Tabor, Education for the Aughts: Education News, Issues and Analysis

  • James Logan Courier

  • The Miss Rumphius Effect

  • IvyGate

Best Science Blog

  • SciGuy

  • Junk Science

  • In the Pipeline

  • Journey By Starlight

  • Pharyngula

  • Bad Astronomy Blog

  • Invasive Species Weblog

  • Sciencebase

  • Climate Audit

  • Bootstrap Analysis

Best Medical/Health Issues Blog

  • CancerDiva

  • Stirrup Queen

  • Baldy's Blog

  • John is Fit

  • Free From

  • Kevin, M.D. Medical Weblog

  • Centre for Emotional Wellbeing

  • Fighting Fatigue

  • Respectful Insolence

  • Autism Vox

Best Religious Blog

  • Holy Schmidt

  • CampOnThis

  • GodDivas

  • The Deacon’s Bench

  • What Does the Prayer Really Say? (WDTPRS)

  • Evangelical Outpost

  • A Payne Hollow Visit

  • One Cosmos

  • Talk Wisdom


Best Pet Blog

  • Boo Casanova

  • The Many Adventures of Wonder Ruby


  • The Daily Coyote

  • The Daily Puppy

  • Kitty Limericks

  • Butchy & Snickers Blog-2 Wild & Woolly WFT's

  • For the Love of Dog

  • I Can Has Cheezburger

  • Cute Overload

Best Food Blog

  • Cooking For Engineers

  • Men In Aprons

  • Coconut & Lime

  • Mom's Best Recipes

  • Off The Broiler

  • The Expatriate's Kitchen

  • Epicurious

  • Pinch My Salt

  • 101 Cookbooks

  • Serious Eats

Arts & Letters Categories

Best Photo Blog

  • G8 - The Keeper

  • Stuck in Customs

  • Watch This Space


  • Cornershots

  • Deceptive Media

  • Jinky Art

  • Shifting Pixel

  • Zombietime

  • Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Best Culture Blog

  • MC Rebbe

  • Modestly Yours

  • Self-Styled Siren

  • Libertas

  • CPH Magazine

  • Kyle Smith Online

  • Tifaux

  • The Jay

  • The Cool Hunter

  • Pop Candy

Best Literature Blog

  • Pepys' Diary

  • Avon Romance Blog

  • Maud Newton

  • Classical Bookworm

  • Writer's Block

  • Erik Hare

  • Diary of a Heretic

  • Bookgasm

  • Neil Gaiman's journal

  • McSweeney's

Best Diarist

  • Dooce

  • Ruthlace

  • Desperate Irish Housewife

  • The Median Sib

  • Little Nuances

  • Journal Revolution: The Daily Adventures of Two Sisters

  • Collection of my Confessions

  • Robin Slick: In Her Own Write

  • Army Wife - Toddler Mom

  • the laid back buddhist

Best Gossip Blog

  • The Superficial

  • The Bastardly

  • Hollywoodtuna

  • A Socialite's Life

  • Perez Hilton

  • Dlisted

  • Derek Hail

  • Mollygood

  • TMZ

  • Go Fug Yourself

Best Music Blog

  • Kevipod Music

  • Pretty Much Amazing

  • HM

  • I guess I'm Floating

  • Fluxblog

  • Stereogum

  • My Old Kentucky Blog

  • Aquarium Drunkard

  • Chris Picks

  • Live Music Blog

Best Podcast

  • This Week In Tech

  • Econtalk

  • Pundit Review:

  • Slate Magazine Daily

  • The Glenn and Helen Show.

  • Shire Network News

  • The Mr Science Show

  • The Pentagon Channel

  • Unsafe Bull Podcast

  • Harry Potter Prognostications

Best Video Blog

  • HamNation (Mary Katharine Ham):

  • Crooks & Liars

  • Hot Air

  • It's JerryTime!

  • Zefank

  • The Heady Pepper

  • You Gotta See This Video!

  • Hot Potato Mash

  • This Day In Alternate History

  • Democracy Broadcasting News

Video Of The Year

  • HaHaHa

  • Falling Water

  • Kiwi

  • Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

  • Chocolate Rain

  • Seafood Surprise Video from The Heady Pepper!

  • HamNation - Sopranos DC Edition

  • The Landlord

  • Leave Britney Alone

  • "I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl

International Categories

Best Canadian Blog

  • Small Dead Animals

  • Five Feet of Fury

  • What's Next

  • Angry in the Great White North

  • Scott's DiaTribes

  • The Canadian Sentinel

  • Verbalized

  • Apply-Liberally

  • Mitchieville

  • Raymitheminx

Best UK Blog

  • Iain Dale

  • Guy Fawkes

  • Neil Clark

  • EUReferendum

  • Pub Philosopher

  • The Devil's Kitchen

  • Baggage Reclaim

  • Nourishing Obscurity

  • Bright Meadow

  • Kickette

Best European Blog (Non UK)

  • European Tribune

  • Vander Galien Gazette

  • RennyBA's Terella

  • Lifecruiser

  • Brussels Journal

  • Robert Amsterdam

  • Elit Alice

  • Black Women in Europe

  • Retecool

  • Star-Sailor

Best Asian Blog
Add to any feed reader  Terra Byte
Add to any feed reader  Agam's Gecko
     withlove, me
Add to any feed reader  Webbed feet, Web log
Add to any feed reader  IZ Reloaded
Add to any feed reader  Pinoy Urge
Add to any feed reader  Marina's Bloggariffic
Add to any feed reader  Ko Htike's Prosaic Collection
Add to any feed reader  Footsteps in the Mirror
Add to any feed reader  Without giving the movie away

Best Middle East or Africa Blog

  • Michael J. Totten - Middle East Journal

  • My Marrakesh

  • Iraq the Model

  • A Mother in Israel


  • The Dry Bones Blog

  • Sand Monkey

  • Treppenwitz

  • The Sudanese Thinker

  • Eatbees Blog

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog

  • Ask Sam

  • After Grog Blog

  • Dipping into the Blog Pond

  • The Road to Surfdom

  • Tim Blair

  • Hot Topic

  • John Quiggin

  • The Family Room

  • All Men Are Liars

  • iCiNG

Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog

  • The Real Cuba

  • Luz de Luma

  • Recetario de una vida cualquiera

  • Babalu Blog

  • Chileno

  • Guanabee

  • Mario Alegre Femenías

  • Arimou’s World

  • Alias Cane

  • La PC Nostra (Nadia Molina)

TTLB Ecosystem Categories

Best of the Top 250 Blogs

  • Just One Minute

  • My Pet Jawa

  • Balloon Juice

  • Wonkette

  • RedState

  • Bitch Ph.D.

  • MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

  • Jesus' General

  • Blue Star Chronicles

  • Gateway Pundit

Best of the Top 251 - 500 Blogs

  • Isreal Matzav

  • The Carpetbagger Report

  • feministe

  • The Moderate Voice

  • TBogg

  • Knowledge is Power

  • Baldilocks

  • Fausta

  • PC Free Zone

  • Asymmetrical Information

Best of the Top 501 - 1000 Blogs

  • The Poor Man Institute

  • Woman Honor Thyself

  • Smirking Chimp

  • Agonist

  • The Sideshow

  • The Llama Butchers!

  • Betsy's Page

  • The American Mind

  • All for Women

  • Coyote Blog

Best of the Top 1001 - 1750 Blogs

  • Obsidian Wings

  • Bookworm Room

  • Agent Bedhead

  • Merri Musings

  • The Sundries Shack

  • Thoughts of a Regular Guy

  • Slacktivist

  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars

  • Echidne of the Snakes

  • Newshoggers

Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs

  • Armies of Liberation

  • The Smallest Minority

  • Gene Expression

  • Weapons of Mass Discussion

  • A Blog For All

  • Chickenhawk Express

  • Texas Rainmaker

  • Hooah Wife

  • Political Vindication

  • Little Miss Attila

Best of the Top 2501 - 3500 Blogs

  • Booker Rising

  • Boots and Sabers

  • Daddy's Roses

  • Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

  • Creek Running North

  • A Tiny Revolution

  • Driftglass

  • From My Position... On the way!

  • Everyday Me . . . life as it happens

  • Acephalous

Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs

  • Streak's Blog

  • Prometheus 6

  • The Galloping Beaver

  • Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge

  • (parenthetical remarks)

  • Ken Levine

  • Wonderland or Not.

  • Digger's Realm

  • Southern Sass On Crime

  • Durham in Wonderland

Best of the Top 5001 - 6750 Blogs

  • Doug Ross @ Journal

  • The Stupid Shall Be Punished

  • Whiskey Fire

  • Gay Orbit

  • The Field Negro

  • Simply Left Behind

  • Three Wise Men!

  • The Debate Link

  • Insureblog

  • Liberty Pundit

Best of the Top 6751 - 8750 Blogs

  • Gus Van Horn

  • Abnormal Interests

  • Cabarrus Cheap Seats

  • Winter Patriot

  • Reno and Its Discontents

  • HE&OS--Home Education & Other Stuff

  • Wigderson Library & Pub

  • Scholars & Rogues

  • Jack and Jill Politics

  • Slow Cooker Recipes

Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+)

  • Full Throtle

  • Fat Man Unleashed

  • The Urban Grind

  • Kiko's House

  • Kiss My Gumbo

  • Photos by Seawitch

  • Political Grind

  • Konagod

  • Slublog

  • The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog

I'm going to leave comments open for a little while, BUT if you denigrate the finalists or bitch and moan (over and above what's already been posted) about why there's no "category X" this year your comment will be removed and you'll be banned.

We need your help in creating feed links for finalists! See the forum for directions.



james said:

Ace of Spades for best and funniest Conservative Blog


Hot air a close second.

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:


jdbauer Author Profile Page said:

Thanks a million for making me a finalist. We at the Heady Pepper have been working really diligently to create delicious meals for your viewing pleasure and we greatly appreciate the recognition. OK, when I say "we" i really mean "I".

Thanks for making Fighting Fatigue a finalist! This is great! :)

DaniGirl said:

Wow! I'm one of the nominees for best parenting blog - how cool is that? Thank you!! But you have my blog name as "Dani Girl" and it's actually "Postcards from the Mothership". is just the URL. Could you update your lists with the real blog name?

Thank you!!

steveegg Author Profile Page said:

So many choices in the best conservative blog category, so little time.

PJ, you'll need to send me the secret sauce so I can get the Bar in next year.

Great job by the judges on selecting the finalists. Very nice list of humor blogs!

My vote goes for the humble Laurie Kendrick...who didn't beg her way onto the voting nor did she once come here and beg the judges to be a listed as finalist (slightly pathetic, no?). Laurie does a solid job day in and day out and I'm glad her hard work is being recognized!


Uncle Mikey said:

No Achewood?

Once again the Weblog Awards have ignored the fashion blogs.

It is odd that while the mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, and dozens of other major publications have all recognized the growing power and influence of the fashion blogosphere, the Weblog Awards continue to pretend that it does not exist.

The Manolo must protest this outrageous omission as being both short-sighted and neglectful of one of the areas in which blogs have had the most impact on the wider culture.

pjcomix Author Profile Page said:

No. Extremely pathetic but...CREATIVE!!!

Keith said:

Absolutely delighted to see F1 Fanatic nominated. Thank you very much.

Kibbles Author Profile Page said:

What, no fashion category? GOSSIP, even, but not fashion? With all the influence it's had this past year, the huge readership (look at The Manolo for example), you don't acknowledge it? This year more than any year? C'mon.

Mr Furious Author Profile Page said:

I see that my blog Mr Furious has made the list as a "Best New Blog" finalist. I am honored, but believe there must be an error (did you mean Mrs. Furious?). If not, I need to graciously decline.

I'm afraid my blog is NOT new, it's been around since June 2004.

I heartily suggest replacing my spot with Mrs. Furious—which truly IS a new blog (this summer), and is already surpassing my own in readership and quality.

I nominated "Mrs. Furious" in the "Best New Blog" category, and she is more than deserving.

Of course, if you've actually judged my blog as good enough to be a finalist (shocking!), I belong in the "Individual" category, where I was originally nominated.

Mr Furious

Yes that was a typo. It should have been (and is now) listed as Mrs. Furious.

This is a big deal for me. Thanks for making Diary of A Heretic, a fiction blog, a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Award's new Literature category.

Mr Furious Author Profile Page said:

"Yes that was a typo. It should have been (and is now) listed as Mrs. Furious."

[sniff...reaches for Kleenex] I had a hunch...

I vote for Extreme Mortman!!!

Ron Paul, David All, Stephen Colbert,Matt Stoller

You like me!! You REALLY like me!!!!!!

Thanks so much for making our blog one of the finalists in the pet category!!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Dave B said:

What, no Scrappleface???

Bil Browning said:

Thanks for the nod to The Bilerico Project as one of the top ten LGBT blogs. We appreciate the vote of confidence!

carrie said:

How on earth do you have an entire category dedicated to pet blogs, but have completely ignored the fashion blogs? Do you have something against Jimmy Choo and Givenchy? Are you afraid you are going to misspell Louboutin? As Manolo pointed out, the thousands of fashion blogs out there have had a major impact on the industry. We do not like to be ignored in all of our Prada-clad fabulousity!

Lucy Author Profile Page said:

Oh, I am so excited! Thank you very much for including Free From as one of the finalists ...

Lifecruiser Author Profile Page said:

I see a lot of very good blogs in here and many good blogs is missing too, but I guess we can't call it the finale if every one was in....? *giggles*

It must be tough work to choose - I don't envy you that!

Thank you x million Weblog Awards that you once again did choose me as a finalist :-D

I'll try live up to the honor and enjoy the voting period as much as possible - and I promise to have FUN!

May the best blogs win.

Lifecruiser Author Profile Page said:

Oh, where are my manners? *shocked*

Congratulations to all finalists!!!!

Let's have fun together :-)

franksolich said:

Well, I have to go with P-J Comix's most-excellent DUmmie FUnnies; they're a classic.

Rufus said:

Once again, no bovine category. When the Weblog Awards see fit to acknowledge the intensely competitive field of cow-blogging, they will live up to their billing as the biggest weblog awards.

Many thanks to Kevin and his intrepid volunteers for all of their hard work. I am humbled and flattered by the honor of being nominated for this award. Hopefully, this will help me spread the word about how fun it is to be a brain geek!

Good luck to all the nominees, and viva Las Vegas!!

Mrs. FUrious Author Profile Page said:

Yes, thank you Kevin and your team. I really appreciate being selected as a finalist... and am rather shocked... THANKS!

Jose said:

Honestly, thanks a million. I'm in honest shock. Just being on the same plane as the rest of them is good enough for me. I'll definitely be linkin' this post and alladat.

Made my day ...

David said:

Success Through Play's blog (parenting) is awesome. I would like to see it considered for an eco category.

Alias Cane said:

I am so deeply honored to be a finalist on the Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog category.

Thank you very much to all the judges.

cooper said:

Totally psyched.

Thanks, this is awesome.

Bob1 said:

What? No "best female blogger?" How will we know who's the best web diva (aside from jello wrestling matches)?

Mike Kyoto said:

"Small Dead Animals" is by far the best Canadian Conservative Blog. Try it, you'll like it!

Chileno said:

Thanks for nominating my blog :-)

Alex said:

Thanks for the nomination for the military blog category! I'm shocked and awed.

Xanthippas said:

Thanks for adding our little blot! We're are deeply honored, especially to be in such esteemed company.

Good luck to everyone!

None said:

Would it have killed someone to make these nominated sites live links instead of plain text?

skippy said:

wow, this makes two years in a row i've been nominated! thanks!

We're working on it. Kinda busy...

Comments are now closed.


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